VMware Competitors, Similar Companies and Alternatives in 2023

VMware Competitors and Similar Companies

VMware is a software provider of multi-cloud services for applications in the United States. Asides from the primary objective of this company, which is to securely build and compute apps on the cloud, it also engages in apps modernization, networking, security, and telco cloud. VMware was founded in 1998 by Diane Greene and four others. It aims at enhancing digital innovation with enterprise control through the provision of cloud support services.

HeadquartersPalo Alto, CA, US
SIC Code7371
StatusSubsidiary of Dell Technologies Inc.
Industry SectorSoftware
Trading SymbolVMW

How VMware makes money

VMware is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies Inc, which is an American multinational technology company formed as a result of the merger between Dell and EMC Corporation. The revenue of Dell technologies is estimated to be at a whopping $38.53B out of which VMware contributes to. VMware normally makes money through the sale of software, hybrid cloud computing, desktop virtualization, and provision of services for millions of users. 

Software enterprising

It could be challenging to discover a company that is as formidable as VMware in this software industry. When it comes to cloud computing, only Cisco comes close to the services related to cybersecurity. Unlike Snowflake, VMware also makes money through subscription models.

Companies similar to VMware

In recent times, VMware provides services to a lot of brands in different countries with an intent to expand further. Just in case you are considering alternatives to VMware, there are similar companies that offer the same service. There are a lot of options to consider before purchasing their products. However, if you evaluate their offerings and discover that you are not convinced, then you need to go in search of alternatives. Carefully go through the following 3 closest competitors in the software industry before you settle for one.

Competitors to VMware

The biggest rivals to VMware are Microsoft, Citrix, and Nutanix. There are many other competitors, but these three are the closest to VMware. Now let’s discuss VMware’s competitors in more detail.


Microsoft is a global American technology company that specializes in cloud computing, the production of computer software, electronics, and related items. It was launched in 1975 and favored by a lot of people because of its acquisition and rebranding of several firms that offer exciting services. In 2018, it was rated the most valuable publicly traded in the world, ahead of Apple. It is among the top-rated software providers in the world, often featured alongside the likes of Splunk and Citrix.

Cloud Computing

Asides from VMware, there are also other Microsoft competitors due to its existence as a large software provider. Let us try to understand why it is one of the leading providers in the software industry. According to a survey, the global revenue of Microsoft stands at a whopping $168B. It is also involved in the massive acquisition of brands and the production of items.

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEmployees
$168BN/ARedmond, WA182,628


Citrix is an Oracle-like cloud computing company that also specializes in apps and desktop virtualization, networking, and software as a service. It was launched in 1989 and came into prominence because of the process with which it enables purpose-built devices to access remote resources. It is among the top-rated software providers in the world, often featured alongside the likes of Microsoft and Cisco.

VMware Competitors - Citrix

Cloud Computing

Apart from VMware, there are multiple Citrix competitors due to the fact that it is a leading software company. Let us try to understand why it is one of the leading channels in the software industry. One of the most significant reasons why Citrix is at the top is because the administrators are well-experienced in the art of delivering a quick yet effective virtual environment, without the need for certain technical knowledge from the user. It is relatively easy to install and navigate.

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEmployees
$3.2BN/ASanta Clara, CA9700


Nutanix is an American cloud computing company that is focused on sales of software and cloud services. It was launched in 2009 by Dheeraj Pandey, Mohit Aron, and Ajeet Singh and the estimated revenue stands at $1.39B. It was launched in 2009 in California, United States. In 2018, it announced the acquisition of Bangalore-based Minjar, as well as the DaaS startup Frame. It is among the top-rated software providers in the world, often featured alongside the likes of Microsoft and VMware.

VMware Competitors - Nutanix

Cloud Computing

Apart from VMware, there are a number of other Nutanix competitors since it is a highly rated software company. Let us try to understand why it is one of the leading channels in the software industry. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Nutanix occupied 10.3 percent of the market. It imbibes the art of simplicity through the empowerment of a single but excellent team to manage applications, data, and security across multi-cloud environments.

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEmployees
$1.39BN/ASan Jose, CA6100


VMware’s biggest competitor is Microsoft, just like Salesforce is to Oracle. Putting the industry similarities together, no company comes close to Microsoft. Although the race between VMware and Citrix is closer, VMware expands far beyond them in terms of revenue and spending in 2023. Lastly, the gap between the number of employees in VMware and Microsoft seems so significant, which means that VMware spends far less than its major competitor.

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