5 Competitors Among Garbage and Trash Bag Manufacturers


A bin liner, also known as a refuse sack or trash bag, is used for the disposal of waste and is common to everyone.Since these products are so popular, the competition among garbage and trash bag manufacturers is also quite harsh. But for consumers, the great number of competing companies in the niche is always great. With the variety of brands like Simplehuman trash bags to Poly America, among several others, that we will look at in this article, any consumer can find the right trash bag.
So let’s start our quick competitor analysis.

Berry Global Group

This company prioritizes innovativeness and engineers its goods to impact people’s lives and the environment. They have a huge chunk of loyal customers from all over the world who rely on their high-quality products. What makes them stand out is their collaborations with researching, designing and producing new goods having the economy in mind. Berry Global Group is known not only for its innovative expertise and global capabilities but also sustainable leadership. Their customers reap from the challenges they find solutions to and how they spearhead those solutions throughout their journey. 

International Plastics

This company has been around since 1964 and is known for polyethylene film. The company has expertise in creating custom packaging options for demanding scenarios. In addition to that, they also have a large inventory of stock goods that covers the packaging requirements of many. 

International Plastics provides uniquely tailored solutions through its cutting-edge technology and breakthrough polymers, among others. If you are looking for specific packaging needs, this company will certainly meet them. 

Reynolds Consumer Products

They are known for their high-quality home-based basic products, including slow cooker liners, oven bags, plastic wrap, kitchen parchment paper, and aluminum foil. Most of their products are available in the United States and globally. Their hefty garbage bags, cups, plates, and slider bags are particularly popular because of their dependability and strength. 

Clorox Company

This one had to make the list as being one of the most trusted and recognized brands out there. It was founded in 1980 and is a consumer product producer, especially known for its cleaning products, bleach, Fresh Step, and Scoop Away cat litter. Clorox products are available in more than 100 countries globally, and the company has more than 800 employees.

Four Star Plastic

Four Star Plastic bags are perfect for almost every occasion, whether you want to package, store, or safeguard your products. They also offer retail bags that come in all shapes and sizes. In addition, you can also custom print with the colors of your choice to make the ideal bag suitable for your retail needs. 

Four-Star Plastic makes domestic wholesale bags using renewable materials and energy. They also have warehouses all around the US, and their main objective is to provide you with great quality products and customer service like no other. 

The Takeaway

Trash bags are a versatile way to hold waste products, and because of rapid urbanization, the market has gone up tremendously. The demand for quality garbage bags from the commercial and residential sectors has also increased. And along with it, the competition is also growing.

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