Competitors in Cushion Slides Niche

Competitors in Cushion Slides Niche

Did you know the origin of slides can be traced back to ancient Rome? Yes, these flat slippers are the oldest footwear to exist! These slippers feature a soft, thick sole that provides a supportive base for the foot. They also have a wide strap that prevents slipping and makes them easy to put on and take off. You can find them in various styles, colors, and materials to suit different preferences. 

From Cloud Slides to BenSorts, there are many brands that sell these comfortable slides. Here’s a compilation of the top five brands in the cushion slides niche:

Cloud Slides

Cloud Slides is a Canadian footwear brand that specializes in cushion slides. It crafts premium-quality slides using 4.5cm thick EVA foam. This makes the slippers extremely soft and lightweight. You can wear them for 12+ hours without discomfort. People with joint and foot pain find these slippers more comfortable and therapeutic. 

What’s more, the textured surface of the cloud slides is anti-slip, anti-chafe, and completely waterproof. You can wear them both indoors and outdoors in any weather.


Joomra manufactures all kinds of footwear for both men and women. Their extensive range comprises running shoes, barefoot shoes, cloud slides, water shoes, high-top shoes, and warm slippers. 

Their cloud slides are also made from quality EVA foam and ethylene vinyl acetate. So, you can expect the same softness, flexibility, and lightweightness. However, their sole is 1.7 inches thick, which doesn’t make it an ideal choice for 10+ hours of use. If you have to stand constantly for longer periods, the slippers might not feel as comfortable as those from Cloud Slides.  


Bronax is a well-established and reputable cushion slide seller. It primarily operates through Amazon, where you can find a huge variety of cushion slides on its store page. From adjustable buckle slides to simple pillow slides, there is an option for everyone. 

You will also come across different colors and patterns. As for comfort levels, the slides usually perform well. Their 1.7cm EVA foam build keeps them flexible enough for all surfaces. 


UGG slides are super thick, chunky, and stylish. The textured surface prevents slipping, while the padded footbed offers great support and stability to the feet. You can walk for hours without hurting your feet. However, people often complain about their customer service. They are slow and rigid in their request processing. 


BenSorts is not an internationally recognized brand. With three products in its catalog, it doesn’t have much variety to offer either. You will find two cushion slides (black and pink) and a pair of thick, cozy socks. 

That being said, their cushion slides are ergonomically designed. The use of EVA foam and ethylene vinyl acetate ensures the slides fit your feet perfectly. You will be able to run and walk for long hours without worries. It will be like walking on a pillow!

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