Verizon Senior Discount Requirements and Other Ways to Save

Verizon Senior Discount

With housing, healthcare, and food expenses already making a dent in your retirement savings and social security, the last thing you’d want is a hefty phone bill. 

Fortunately, many telecom companies offer senior citizens cell phone plans and discounts. Are you wondering what the telecom giant – Verizon – has in store for seniors? Keep reading to learn everything about Verizon’s senior cell phone plans. 

Does Verizon Have a Senior Discount In 2023?

Verizon doesn’t have an exclusive discount offer for senior citizens. But the good news is that senior citizens from Florida can get a dedicated wireless plan – Verizon Unlimited 55+ Plan. Starting at $60/month for one line and $80/month for 2 lines ($40 each), you save $5-$15 since their standard unlimited packages range from $65 to $75 per line. 

At this point, you must have some questions in your mind! What are the features or limitations of this deal? How do I purchase it? What are other options? If so, we’ve you covered. Read on for all the essential information about Verizon phone plans for seniors.

What Are the Complete Features of the Verizon 55 Plus Plan? 

At just $40 per month, the Verizon Unlimited 55+ Plan is one of the most affordable senior citizen cell phone plans in 2023. In addition to unlimited talk and text, you get unlimited data at 4G LTE speed. What’s more, Verizon offers unlimited mobile hotspot/tethering at speeds up to 600 Kbps. 

Although the package applies to Florida residents, it gives you free unlimited use in Canada and Mexico. You can use international data, make calls, and send texts from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico at no additional charges. 

On top of everything, you’d be prompted to sign up for Verizon Selects after you buy the Unlimited 55+ package. By doing so, you’ll be eligible for Verizon Up Rewards, which gives special offers to Verizon Wireless customers. 

What Are the Requirements of the 55+ Unlimited Plan? 

Before anything else, you must be aged 55+ to qualify for this package. Secondly, you must be a resident of Florida state.

As part of your credit application, you’ll have to provide your date of birth and billing address. The Verizon team uses this information to verify your age and location eligibility. 

The current plan rates are applicable, provided you’ve enrolled in AutoPay. You can sign up online or on your phone and add your bank account details to register for AutoPay.

How Do I Get The 55+ Unlimited Plan? 

We suggest you visit Verizon’s website and sign up if you’re new to Verizon. Once you’ve registered, your details will be verified, and you can purchase the 55+ plan online if you’re eligible.

In contrast, if you’re an existing Verizon customer, it is a good idea to visit your nearest Verizon store or contact customer support via call or live chat. After verifying your age and other information, a Verizon representative will walk you through the procedure to activate this phone plan.  

What Are the Limitations of This Plan? 

This package comes with a connectivity limit of 2 phones per account. While that may sound disappointing, you’re free to connect up to 10 tablets and as many as 25 other devices (HUM, smartwatches, and more). 

The best thing is that the unlimited 4G LTE feature allows you to experience fast and seamless internet connectivity. But the company itself claims not-quite-impressive DVD-quality streaming on mobile phones, which equates to 480p. So, if you like YouTubing or binge-watching shows on Netflix, you might want to get a different plan. 

This plan is appealing because it extends unlimited services to Canada and Mexico. But that comes with a couple of downsides. For one, the international data is reduced to 2G speed once you’ve consumed 512 MB in a day. Secondly, if more than 50% of your service usage is in Canada or Mexico, your plan might be limited or removed. 

Lastly, the package is Florida-specific; you’ll need a different plan if you have a billing address outside Florida. 

What About Those Living Outside Florida?

If you have a billing address in a different state, you can’t qualify for the 55+ Unlimited Plan. But don’t worry; we have an excellent alternative for the elderly – Verizon 5G Start. Starting at $70 per line, it can go as low as $30 if you connect 5+ lines. And yes, unlike 55+ Unlimited, you are not restricted to 2 lines in this case. 

Apart from featuring all the benefits from the 55+ Unlimited, you get nationwide unlimited coverage (text, call, and data), 5G access, and entertainment options such as Disney+, Discovery+, Google Play, and Apple Music for six months.

Can I Get Verizon Senior Discount on Landline Service?

Unfortunately, Verizon doesn’t have a senior discount on landlines. But, the company’s basic landline service itself is affordable for seniors, as it only costs $10 per month

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts

Some Verizon competitors offer senior citizen cell phone plans at discounted rates. These include:


Verizon doesn’t specifically have a senior discount as part of their standard packages. But, the telecom giant offers a senior-specific plan – Verizon 55+ Unlimited – which starts at $60 per month for one line, cutting down to $80 per month (for two lines). The best features include unlimited text, data, and calls. Unfortunately, this plan is available for Florida residents only and supports 2 lines per account.

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