Jira Competitors and Similar Companies

Jira Competitors

Jira is software primarily created to track bugs and issues to help software developers. Now it is also a project management software that helps teams manage work and tasks easily. 

Jira is developed by Atlassian – an Australian software company. According to the mother company, Jira is used by almost 200 000 customers in over 190 countries in the world. 

HEADQUARTERSSidney, Australia; San Francisco, USA
STATUSPublic Limited Company
INDUSTRY SECTORTechnology; Computer Software

How Jira Makes Money

Atlassian reported revenue of $2.1B in 2021. While it is not clear how much of this money was directly made through Jira, it is safe to say that this software generates a lot of profit for this company. Let’s see how Jira makes money and what it offers to customers. 

QA Testing

QA testing is a necessary part of software development. Similarly, Jira is a necessary tool for QA testing. Their add-ons make this process effective and fast, and developers can manage both automated and manual tests using this software. 

Agile Teams

This option is great for software developers who use agile methodology. Jira provides issue tracking, progress reports, time-tracking, customizable workflow, and more to help teams monitor their work closely and track their productivity. 

Project Management Teams

Project management teams can greatly benefit from using Jira. This software provides task management, project and workflow customization, reports and analytics, mobile app, and more to help teams of any type track their work and productivity. 

Software Development Teams

Jira provides software development teams with tools that allow developers to safely and gradually launch new features from the beginning to the end of the software development phase. 

DevOps Teams

Jira’s software for DevOps teams allows developers to test, build, and release software more quickly and reliably using first and third-party tools throughout the process.

Product Management Teams

Product management teams can greatly benefit from Jira’s roadmap creation, planning, and tracking, as well as reports, metrics, project templates, and forecasts. 

Task Management

Task management option in Jira is useful for small and big teams. Team members can create tasks, sub-tasks, deadlines, logs, and notifications for other team members and keep track of everything going on in the team at any moment. 

Bug Tracking

Bug tracking option is a must-have for software developers. Jira makes sure that the bugs are captured, assigned, and prioritized, so the team gets notified about them and starts working on resolving them. 

Jira Similar Companies

This Atlassian software is useful and practical for small and large teams, developers, and even individuals working on a project or product development. More than 65 000 companies use this product, including Audi, Domino’s, Carfax, and many more. Customers’ testimonies highly praise all Atlassian’s products, and they are becoming more and more popular over time.

However, Jira software may be too expensive, complicated, or elaborate for some teams. If this is the case with you, don’t worry, there are similar companies to Jira out there. Some of the biggest rivals to Jira are Asana, Smartsheet, Proofhub, Assembla, VersionOne, Bugzilla, WorkZone, Hygger, DoneDone, and Wrike. 

Now, let’s discuss Jira’s competitors in more detail. 


Jira Competitors - Asana

Asana is one of the world’s most popular team management platforms, available both on mobile phones and on computers. The company was founded in 2008 but the product was released four years later, in 2012. Since then, it has grown immensely, gathering more than 30 million registered users so far, and more than a million paying users. 

Compared to Jira, Asana is more user-friendly and intuitive, but also more expensive. Despite that, it remains one of Jira’s biggest competitors when it comes to team management features. 

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
$334.9M$453.2MSan Francisco, CA, USA2101


Jira Competitors - Smartsheet

Smartsheet is another software that offers teams a way to stay organized, manage tasks and calendars, track progress, share documents, and more. It was released in 2006, and today it is available in eight languages, compared to the twenty languages Jira offers in their products. 

Smartsheet reported revenue of 385.5 million dollars in 2021, which is a 42% increase compared to the year before. These numbers make Smartsheet one of Jira’s fiercešt competitors in the field of team management.

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
$385.5M$152.2MBellevue, WA, USA2070


Jira Competitors - Proofhub

This software is one more that can easily compete with Jira when it comes to team organization and communication. It was founded more recently than the previously mentioned software, in 2011. Proofhub has been growing steadily in the previous decade. Many customers say that it is better designed, easier to use, and more functional than Jira. This is why we can expect Proofhub to become Jira’s competitor pretty soon. 

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
$4.2MUndisclosedCalifornia, United States31


Jira Competitors - Assembla

Assembla was founded in 2005 and it hires around 25 employees right now. It is a management software created to help teams develop, manage, and ship software securely. Although it is much smaller than Jira, it does have over 5 000 customers across more than 150 countries. It is also used by big companies, such as Disney, Apple, and Salesforce, so we can call it one of Jira’s competitors. 

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
$4.9MUndisclosedSan Antonio, TX, USA34


Jira Competitors - VersionOne

VersionOne is designed in 1999 for agile software development management. It is used by many prominent companies, such as HP, Philips, Intel, Cisco, and more. Although VersionOne can’t compete with Jira just yet, many clients are opting to use it because of the functionality and practicality it offers. 

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
$25.68MUndisclosedBrisbane, CA, USA150


Jira Competitors - Bugzilla

This is a web-based tool developed for tracking bugs and testing. It was released in 1998 by Mozilla. It can easily compete with Jira’s bug-tracking and testing features. On top of having the features Jira doesn’t, Bugzilla is completely free, making it accessible for everyone.

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
UndisclosedUndisclosedMountain View, CA, USAUndisclosed


Jira Competitors - WorkZone

This is a project management software that is fairly easy to use and developed for both small and big teams. It is a bit more expensive than Jira but offers a ton of useful features and tools that help a team run smoothly. WorkZone is applicable to different industries, such as healthcare, IT, business, financial, etc. 

WorkZone is used by big and reputable companies, such as Adidas and Verizon. While it doesn’t offer everything Jira does, it is a great alternative for project management. 

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
$6MUndisclosedEast Norriton, Pennsylvania, USA35


Jira Competitors - Hygger

Hygger is a small but already successful software designed for developers and non-development teams. It offers everything Jira does, and more. It is simpler, more user-friendly, and a good choice for any team, big or small.

Apart from everything Jira offers, Hygger also implements a prioritization matrix, checklists, advanced reports, task covers, and more. Customers don’t need to have a full tutorial before using Hygger full-time, which makes it attractive for any team, regardless of project management software experience. Another cool option is the integration system – you can integrate and keep using other apps you’ve come to love, such as Jira, Slack, Dropbox, Drive, and others. 

Hygger is expected to grow and become a preferred software of many customers in the future. 

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
$1.2MUndisclosedNewark, USA8


Jira Competitors - DoneDone

DoneDone started out in 2008 as a response to an unsatisfactory number of options for project management and issue tracking. What was software created out of a personal need became a necessary tool for many customers over time. 

This software provides customers with a solution for bug tracking, customer support, and task management. 

DoneDone is a small company with only six people working behind the scenes. However, it is a powerful company dedicated to providing clients with the best solutions to their needs. 

Although it doesn’t have as many features as Jira, DoneDone is intuitive and easier to use, which makes it a preferred choice for thousands of teams out there. 

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
<$5 MillionUndisclosedAustin, TX, USA6


Jira Competitors - Wrike

Wrike is a project management software that offers a ton of useful and practical features to help teams stay organized, increase productiveness, and track the overall progress. 

Although it doesn’t have everything Jira offers, it is more interactive and customizable. This is what makes it a preferred software for many users who value these features.

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
$200.4M$26MSan Jose, CA, USA1001


Jira’s biggest competitor in the field of project management is Asana, followed by Smartsheet, Proofhub, Assembla, VersionOne, WorkZone, Hygger, DoneDone, and Wrike. In the field of bug and issue tracking, Jira’s biggest rival is Bugzilla, considering that it offers more features and it is completely free to use. 

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