Top 3 Asana Competitors, Alternatives & similar companies In 2023

Asana is developing a web and mobile platform that allows teams to organize projects, create to-do lists, and assign tasks.

Asana is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Asana brings an income of $ 181.8 thousand. USA per employee. Asana raised a total of $ 413.5 million. USA. Asana’s main competitors are Trello,, and Clickup. Asana has 3 092 subscribers.

Asana’s Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding and Acquisitions

Together they raised more than 1.2 billion. Of their approximately 4.8 thousand employees. Asana’s revenues take 4th place among the top 10 competitors. The top 10 competitors averaged 83.1 million. Asana has 550 employees and ranks 4th among the top 10 competitors. Top 10 competitors averaging 483.

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  • Founded: 2008
  • Est. Annual Revenue: $100M
  • Est. Employees: 550
  • Headquarters: 1550 Bryant Street Suite 200 San Francisco, California 94103

Asana similar companies:

Trello, JIRA Software, Aha!, ProductPlan, Kanbanize, Priority Matrix,, Clickup, Clarizen, LiquidPlanner, Workfront, Atlassian, Smartsheet, Mavenlink and Wrike.


Trello is considered one of Asana’s biggest rivals. Trello was founded in 2010 in New York, NY. Trello in the application
Program area. Trello brings in $ 85 million less revenue than Asana. is Asana’s No. 2 competitor. is a privately held company founded in 2012 in Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv District. is competing in the system software industry. Compared to Asana, employs 170 less people.


Clickup is one of Asana’s main competitors. Clickup is headquartered in San Diego, California and was founded in 2016. Like Asana, Clickup also works in the Internet software industry. Clickup generates 15% of Asana’s income.

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