Top 3 Anheuser-Busch Competitors, Alternatives & Similar Companies in 2022

Top 3 Anheuser-Busch Competitors, Alternatives & similar companies In 2022

Anheuser-Busch is a brewing company engaged in the production, processing, packaging and distribution of beer.

The headquarters of Anheuser-Busch is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Anheuser-Busch has an income of $ 15B and employs 18,000 people. The main competitors of Anheuser-Busch are Boston Beer, MillerCoors and AmBev. As of January 2015, Anheuser-Busch has 709.0K fans on Facebook and 37.4K followers on Twitter.

Anheuser-Busch’s Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding, Acquisitions & News

Together they raised more than 742.1M between their estimated 475.4K employees. The revenue of the company “Anheuser-Busch” takes 5th place among the 10 best competitors. The top 10 competitors are 12.7B on average. Anheuser-Busch has 18,000 employees and ranks 7th among the top 10 competitors. Among the 10 best participants there are 24 869 people on average.

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  • Founded: 1852
  • Est. Annual Revenue: $15B
  • Est. Employees: 18,000
  • Headquarters: One Busch Place Saint Louis, Missouri 63118

Anheuser-Busch similar companies

Carlsberg, Heineken, Molson Coors, Constellation Brands and Pabst Brewing

Boston Beer

Boston Beer was one of Anheuser-Busch’s main competitors. Boston Beer is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and was founded in 1984. Like Anheuser-Busch, Boston Beer also competes in brewing. Boston beer brings 10% of Anheuser-Busch revenue.


MillerCoors is one of the main competitors of Anheuser-Busch. MillerCoors is a private company founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1855. Like Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors also works in the brewing industry. MillerCoors has 16,787 fewer employees than Anheuser-Busch.


AmBev is perceived as one of the largest competitors of Anheuser-Busch. AmBev was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Sao Paulo. Like Anheuser-Busch, AmBev also competes in the brewing sector. The AmBev company generates $3.1 billion less revenue than the Anheuser-Busch.

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