Top 3 Dave & Buster’s Competitors, Alternatives & similar companies In 2023

Dave & Buster’s owns and operates entertainment and restaurant facilities for adults and families.

Dave & Buster’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Dave & Buster’s revenue is $512.5 million and employs 16,098 people. Dave & Buster’s total revenue is $894.1 million. Dave & Buster’s main competitors are Topgolf, Main Event and Buffalo Wild Wings. As of August 2019, Dave & Buster’s has 678.4K fans on Facebook and 32.0K followers on Twitter.

Dave & Buster’s’s Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding, Acquisitions & News

Together they raised over 1.2B between their estimated 228.7K employees. Dave & Buster’s has 16,098 employees and ranks 4th among the top 10 competitors. There are 12,807 people on average among the top 10 competitors.

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  • Founded: 1982
  • Est. Annual Revenue: $512.5M
  • Est. Employees: 16,098
  • Headquarters: 2481 Manana Drive Dallas, Texas 75220

Dave & Buster’s similar companies

Topgolf, Main Event, Buffalo Wild Wings, The Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Punch Bowl, Applebee’s, CPK, Yard House.


Topgolf is the biggest rival of Dave and Buster. Topgolf was founded in Dallas, Texas, in 2000. Topgolf works in the industry of toys and games. Compared with Dave & Buster’s, Topgolf receives 237.4 million dollars more income.

Main Event

The main event – the rival number 2 Dave & Buster’s. The headquarters of the Main Event is located in Plano, Texas, and was founded in 1998. Main Event competes on the playing field Casinos & Gambling. Main Event brings 29% of Dave & Buster’s income.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is a competitor of Dave & Buster’s #3. Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Buffalo Wild Wings works in the restaurant business. Buffalo Wild Wings” brings in 1.5 billion dollars more income than Dave & Buster’s.

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