Top 5 Vimeo Competitors & Alternatives in 2023

If you’re a content creator, you may already be familiar with Vimeo. Vimeo allows you to make creative videos and upload them for the world to watch. However, in 2017, it acquired Livestream which further opened gateways for its users to stream online as well. It also lets you view the video analytics, so you can tailor your video content accordingly. It’s somewhat similar to YouTube as YouTubers can also upload videos and monitor their analytics to grow their subscribers’ base whereas some like to take the help of organic growth tools like TubeKarma.

In case you want to expand your audience on a variety of platforms similar to Vimeo, we have listed below the top five Vimeo competitors or alternatives. Check them out!


Dacast is similar to Vimeo in the kind of services it provides, i.e., live-streaming and on-demand streaming. However, it has collaborated with top-notch quality service providers to ensure you can easily stream across the world without compromising on the quality.

It uses an HTML5 video player and provides customer support round the clock to make sure you always have a quick solution when live streaming in front of a huge audience. You can subscribe to one of the multiple plans it offers, just like Vimeo.

IBM Cloud Video

IBM is well-known for its high-quality 720p resolution live streaming, although it also offers on-demand video hosting. You can try the services of IBM Cloud Video by taking advantage of the free trial. Whereas paid accounts allow for white-label streaming, several live channels, content syndication, and also offer analytics and more. To earn extra dollars from your content, you can also monetize your videos.


Restream features an intuitive interface that allows even beginners to use it without any hassle. Most gamers, media teams, and artists prefer this platform as it allows you to collaborate with other streamers when live streaming.

It is equipped with event scheduling and engagement boosting tools that allow the users to stay well-connected with their audience and also help them elevate the engagement rate to facilitate growth.


If you want to train your employees or even educate them, Panopto will be the best bet for you. It allows both audio and video streaming. Its easy-to-use interface lets its users capture videos and directly share them with relevant people.

You can also go live or opt for broadcast to interact with your community. The analytics will give you insights into your viewers so you can adapt your content according to their preferences. It is also equipped with video security features and a white-label video player for your convenience.


This affordable platform allows for end-to-end premium quality live streaming along with additional streaming tools for undisrupted and most efficient streaming. Its support center is available 24/7 to answer your queries rapidly for the most optimal solution.

Moreover, it comes with multiple convenient features like simulcasting, encoding technology, video monitoring, cloud streaming support, and more to offer you an all-in-one kind of package.

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