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EcoOnline, Enterprise Health, Lucidity Software, Workhub, Camms, Donesafe, SiteDocs and 1Life (mySafetyAssistant).

Occupational Health Services (OHS), as the name implies, is a platform that provides services related to occupational health. This website offers several courses that provide training on occupational health, for example working at heights online course. The courses offered on this site aim to enhance the awareness of people working in various occupations. No doubt this is a leading platform working for the benefit of workers. Like in every other field, OHS also has some competitors. Some of its competing platforms are discussed next.

Safety Australia

Safety Australia is one of the top 5 competitors of OHS. It offers a number of work health and safety (WHS) training courses with the aim of providing workers with occupational health and safety. All the courses are given by qualified safety professionals with extensive experience that they use in training sessions to give priceless knowledge and real-life examples. Safety Australia offers training programs that are both interactive and engaging due to the use of relatable videos and case studies during sessions.

These case studies help workers adopt solution-oriented and problem-oriented thinking in the workplace. Some of the most common training courses offered by safety Australia include Workplace Health & Safety for Managers, Workplace Health & Safety Awareness, and Safety Committee Training.

PeopleSafe Australia

PeopleSafe Australia is another competitor of OHS that helps people follow health and safety measures at their workplace. It leads a registered training organization that is popular for providing WHS training, business solutions, and corporate group training. All the trainers working on this platform are experienced and give awareness about occupational health and training on safety to the people who are enrolled in the courses. All the trainers giving training on a variety of courses give references of real-life experiences and ensure the trainees indulge in the interactive training sessions.


Occupational Health Services Australia, abbreviated as OHSA is another leading platform serving in the field of occupational health for more than 25 years. Some of its popular training courses include Confined Space Entry Course, Asbestos Awareness Course, Provide First Aid Training Course, Work Safely at Heights, and Risk Management Training Course for Workers.

Australian Institute of Health and Safety

The Australian Institute of Health and Safety is a national association working for the health and safety of the workers. This platform facilitates the workers with career support, awareness training, peer engagement, and a vast variety of professional development as well as career learning opportunities for the professionals having expertise in the Health and Safety niche. This platform works for shaping occupational health and safety both for the present generations and the future generations.

Work Safety Hub

Last but not the least, the Work Safety Hub provides services that are focused on ensuring the health and safety of the workers. This platform works for developing necessary competencies in the workers and empowering the employees of the organizations to enhance business efficiency, increase competitiveness among employees that altogether results in the success of the company.

All the courses offered by the Work Safety Hub are engaging and fruitful. The content of the courses integrates learning technologies to enable the trainees to develop crucial workplace skills. Some of these effective techniques include e-learning facilities and classroom training tools that help workers construct smart goals for developing in their field.

So, these were the top 5 OHS competitors. All 5 of these are the best in their own way. They may differ from one another in one way or the other, but they possess synchrony in terms of their aim of providing occupational health and safety to the workers.

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