Main Competitors Among Microscope Objective Suppliers

Microsoft objectives are an essential part of a microscope. When fitted correctly, a good microscope objective should enhance the size of an object to make it larger, depending on the magnification scale used. Although you can’t always tell from their appearance, various types of microscope objectives are suited for different functions. You can get microscope objectives from different suppliers, but the quality of these products will vary. Since we can only review some of them, this article will focus on major competing microscope objective suppliers.

Microsoft Objective Suppliers

Microsoft objectives play an important role in industrial, research, and general lab applications and other fields we have yet to mention. Although you can find many different suppliers selling this product, we highly recommend sticking to reputable brands, as their products have been proven effective and durable. Below are a few examples we’ve been able to come up with after doing our research:

Edmund Optics

Edmund Optics has been operating for years and, in the process, earned itself a seat among top suppliers of microscopic components, specifically microscope objectives. You can purchase microscope objectives from this company in different magnifications, such as the finite conjugate, infinity corrected, and reflective objectives.  

Shanghai Optics

Another major supplier of microscope objectives and various other optical components is Shanghai Optics. The supplier makes custom microscope objectives designed using highly advanced software such as Computer Aided Designs (CAD), Zemax, and Solidworks and then fabricated with high-quality raw materials like glass with very specific refractive indexes. The use of highly advanced technology has helped the company produce high-quality microscope objectives for use with common optical artifacts such as astigmatism, geometrical distortion, field curvature, and others.

Radiant Vision Systems

Radiant vision systems is a company that provides automated tests and measurement solutions worldwide. The supplier manufactures a wide range of automated visual inspection devices for measuring, characterizing, and inspecting the quality of products in a production line or lab. A few examples of products made by the manufacturer and supplier are electronic devices, displays, backlight components, surfaces, and microscope objectives. 

Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key Electronics is a major global internet-based distributor of electronic components. The company has a good reputation that is recognized by customers worldwide. This has seen it gain authorization to distribute more than 5 million components from more than 600 trusted suppliers. In addition, the distributor offers immediate shipment once orders have been placed through its award-winning website, where you can order items based on their features, for example, their quantity and design. They also have a dedicated customer support team that is available throughout the day via phone, fax, email, or website. 

Evident Scientific/ Olympus

Evident scientific/ Olympus is a leading innovator in producing testing, measurement, and imaging devices. They offer a wide range of microscopes and video scopes for various applications ranging from manufacturing to environmental uses. Their products are made with good raw materials and advanced technology, making them excellent for quality control, measurements, and inspections. 


Picking a microscope objectives supplier from a large supplier pool offering the same product can be challenging. We, therefore, saw it fit to come up with this short informative article to list down major suppliers of microscope objectives and a brief description of what they sell. We hope you are now more informed about choosing a microscope objective supplier.

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