Top Relaxe Сompetitors

Relaxe is one of the leading companies in the health and wellness industry. With just a few years in operation, they have made a huge impact in the industry and improved the quality of life of their customers. They produce some of the finest technology, like the shiatsu foot massager, which works like stress and pain relief to people who struggle with frequent body aches.

At Relaxe, their primary mission is to serve the world with premium quality wellness products at the most affordable prices. So far, they seem to have been making speedy progress in achieving this, with over ten different Relaxe massagers & fitness equipment manufactured to meet the demands of their broad target customer base. They are without a doubt one of the strongest and largest contributors to the health and wellness industry.

However, there exist some other promising companies that manufacture top-notch massage & fitness equipment in the industry. These companies have shown great potential over the years in catering to the demands of their customers. While there are several yardsticks used in measuring the performance of these health and wellness products, most of which Relaxe meets, these brands come close in quality and efficiency.

Relaxe’s Top Competitors


TAOK LLC is one of the top suppliers of sports, automotive, healthcare, and household applications in North America. They sell some of the best gym and massage equipment in the market.

You will find a punching bag, deep massage gun, and a yoga mat for purchase, all at an affordable price. At TAOK, they ensure that all products are fully effective, without defects, offering you the best value for your money.


Kenmold is a certified custom manufacturer of self-massaging devices. It was established in 1994, by a former engineering professor from Zhejiang A&F University, Mr.Zhong Jianwu who had big plans to develop a concept for a global mold-making arm. 

With almost three decades of successful business, they have grown to become one of the best manufacturers of high-performing, pocket-friendly custom molds, which include Rubber Molds, Plastics Injection, and Die Cast. These products are used in Automotive (interior and exterior), Appliances, Electronics, Packaging, and Medical, amongst others.

To improve customer experience and reach their global audience more effectively, Kenmold has its team of professionals spread around different locations in both Europe and the USA. Kenmold also fosters transparency within its workforce and extends it to its customers with the help of an integrated team.

Med Systems, Inc

The great Med Systems, Inc was founded by Jim Davis, the Chief Engineer of this company who spent most of his life designing life support systems. Today, the company manufactures precursors and airway clearance systems that many professionals use to mobilize secretions by supporting special treatments when chest physiotherapy (CPT) has been prescribed to give patients clearer airways.

Since its establishment in 1976, Med Systems is an ISO 13485 certified device manufacturing facility in the USA. They are on a mission to supply palliative and preventive care products of the highest quality at the best prices. And several years of success in the industry have shown that they have been on the right track for decades.

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