Top 3 Fidelity Competitors, Alternatives & similar companies In 2023

Fidelity is a financial services company that provides wealth management, pension planning and business investment solutions.

Fidelity’s headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. Fidelity’s revenue is $408K per employee. The last round of Fidelity funding was donated for $282.8M on August 2020. Fidelity’s main competitor is TD Ameritrade, led by Stephen J. Boyle, who is their interim CEO. Fidelity has 118,402 followers.

Fidelity’s Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding, Acquisitions & News

Together they lifted over 44.6B between their estimated 1.2M employees. Fidelity’s revenue ranked 10th among its top 10 competitors. The top ten competitors were on average 18.6B. The company employs 50,000 people and is the lowest among the top 10 competitors. The average number of Top 10 competitors is 52,204.

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  • Founded: 1946
  • Est. Annual Revenue: $20.4B
  • Est. Employees: 50,000
  • Headquarters: 245 Summer Street Boston, Massachusetts 02210

Fidelity similar companies:

TD Ameritrade, Ally, CSIM, Firstrade, E*TRADE, Vanguard, Franklin Templeton, Edward Jones, BlackRock, SEI, Janus Henderson, UBS, Citi, Barclays, RBS. Rowe Price, PIMCO, DoubleLine, American Express, Discover, U.S. Bank and Chase.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is perceived as one of Fidelity’s biggest competitors. TD Ameritrade was founded in 1975, and its headquarters are located in Omaha, Nebraska. TD Ameritrade competes in the field of diversified investment services. TD Ameritrade employs 41,061 fewer people than Fidelity.


Ally is one of Fidelity’s main competitors. Ally is a public company, founded in 1919 in Detroit, Michigan. Ally works in consumer finance and credit cards. Compared to Fidelity, the company has 41,300 fewer employees.


CSIM is a competitor of Fidelity No. 3. CSIM is a public company that was founded in San Francisco, California in 1973. Like Fidelity, CSIM also works in the field of diversified financial services. CSIM has 28,200 fewer employees than Fidelity.

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