Top 5 Yogi Tea Competitors and Alternatives

Yogi tea offers a perfect blend of delightful flavors and premium quality green, black and herbal teas. It features more than 40 tea blends crafted from 140 different herbs and spices. But what really sets it apart is that all of its teas are 100% organic and are completely free of GMO ingredients. Its awesome range includes everything from stress relief tea, blueberry slim life tea, and positive energy tea to bedtime tea to suit almost every individual’s needs without compromising on the taste.

Yogi Tea similar companies:

Eat Me Chutneys, One Village Coffee, Yumbutter, Teapigs, Clipper, Bigelow Tea Company, Argo Tea, Celestial Seasonings and INTIZEN

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If you have already tried all of Yogi Tea’s scrumptious flavors and want to explore new options, we have listed down the top five Yogi Tea competitors and alternatives available on the market. Check them out!

1.    Teapigs

Teapigs is an award-winning tea brand that was founded in 2006 with a mission to offer the flavor of real tea to the entire UK. However, now it delivers across the world. Along with its customers, it makes sure to take care of the environment as well and they have achieved this milestone by being the 1st certified plastic-free tea company.

Teapigs offers exceptional quality teas by sourcing leaves, herbs, spices, and berries only from natural sources with zero artificial flavorings. Rather than squashing all the ingredients inside the tea bag, it keeps all the ingredients big and whole for a scrumptious aroma. Whether you’re feeling bloated, sleepy, stressed, or grumpy, it has teas for all of your moods.

2.    Clipper

Clipper was founded by a tea-obsessed husband and wife team in 1984 in Dorset, England. Since then, it has won many awards for the awesome flavors and its ethical practice. In 2018, it was the first tea brand ever to offer unbleached, non-GM, plant-based, and biodegradable tea bags.

Clipper’s master tea blenders keep working hard to bring the best flavor to your table. It offers a wide range of black, green, and white tea as well as coffee and hot chocolate to over 50 countries.   

3.    Bigelow Tea Company

Bigelow Tea Company was founded in 1945 after launching its first-ever tea called the “Constant Comment”. It is located in Connecticut and offers over 120 flavors of delicious teas. It features flavors like cinnamon, chai, chamomile, blueberry, pumpkin, apple, vanilla, ginger, peach, mint, and more that are carefully sourced and go through 26 checkpoints to ensure no compromise on its quality. They are available in different types such as green tea, black tea, herbal tea, matcha tea, iced tea, etc.

Its tea bags come wrapped in foil pouches to trap the freshness and flavor inside it by protecting the tea leaves from moisture and air. Additionally, its entire packaging is 100% recyclable.   

4.    Argo Tea

Argo Tea was founded in 2003 in Chicago, Illinois and it masters the art of combining scrumptious tea flavors while delivering all the necessary health benefits. Every tea bottle contains only 10 to 30 calories and 0 to 5 grams of sugar. This is achieved by using allulose, a rare sugar found naturally in figs and raisins for all the diet-conscious tea-lovers out there.

Its ingredients are free of additives, artificial flavorings, and colors. It only uses naturally sourced herbs, spices, fruits, and leaves and offers a wide assortment of teas such as bubble tea, green tea, hazelnut chai, black tea, matcha vanilla, and more.

5.    Celestial Seasonings  

Celestial Seasonings is an American-based company founded over 50 years ago. It offers 105 varieties of tea in delicious and healthy flavors like peppermint, licorice, lemongrass, pomegranate, fennel, cinnamon, ginseng, and more. All of its ingredients are 100% organic and most of them are directly supplied from local farmers around the world.

It observes good environmental practices as well by packaging teas in pillow-style tea bags to cut off the need for string, staple, and tag and save more than 3.5 million pounds of waste in landfills. Also, its outer packaging is completely recyclable.

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