Who are the Main WebMD Competitors?

WebMD is the leading platform for online medical services. It provides resourceful health advice, recommends tools for maintaining good health, and shares in-depth knowledge and information on health-related topics of interest. The intuitive and appealing layout of its website also makes it a standard medical website design from which other online sources for health information can adopt – visitors have found its graphics, images, and font helpful when they needed to navigate.

The uploaded contents on WebMD are written and reviewed by experts in journalism, community services, content creation, expert commentary, and medical practitioners who ensure that the information provided is factual and offers full insights into the topic of research.

With the collaboration of their licensed staff and proficient technical team, WebMD provides its audience with health news, an up-to-date medical content reference database, medical imagery and animation, interactive tools, live webinars, and a befitting user experience. Also if you need medical billing services you can visit Park Medical Billing company website.

While WebMD seems to be the perfect website for engaging and exciting information, sometimes a second opinion helps improve understanding. Here are a few sites that come close to the top-notch services WebMD offers:

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is one of WebMD’s biggest competitors today. Their services are not limited to online consultations and health advice, the Mayo Clinic has a physical structure filled with unparalleled experts and professionals who tend to health-related issues of their customers. They have branches in Minnesota, Arizona, Florida, and London. It possesses a function on its website that helps visitors to find a doctor and book an appointment at any of their branches. Just like WebMD, Mayo Clinic features a symptom checker function, to give visitors a brief understanding of their health concerns. Although it is funded by sponsorships and advertisements, Mayo Clinic is not a profit organization.


We have yet another medical website with a simple, yet creative web design and informative content that gives visitors easier access to their topic of interest and other related topics they might find helpful. Healthline has a medical affairs team that oversees the credibility of its contents, products, and services. They also feature tools such as doctor directory, symptom checker, pill identifier, and body explorer, among others.


DRUGS is a health information website that provides resourceful news and information on pharmaceutical treatments. It covers all functions, including potential side effects, dosage recommendations, and guidelines, and most importantly, what they treat. Although the name of this website is quite misleading, its contents are carefully researched and written to help customers gain full knowledge on their topics of interest. These contents include information from Harvard University or the Mayo Clinic, which is pretty much enough assurance that it is completely factual and resourceful. DRUGS also provides functions that improve customer experiences such as pill identifier, symptom checker, and a drug interaction checker for accurate prescriptions and recommendations.

Medline Plus

Medline Plus stands unique with its interactive contents which include videos describing how certain medical tests and procedures are performed, tutorials that experts could find resourceful in understanding, checking, and treating certain health conditions. It also includes some fun and educative content such as games and quizzes.  They also have a special segment for older adults, with a design that is intuitive to this target audience.

Everyday Health

Everyday Health is a mine for resourceful health information related to food and nutrition, which are gathered from celebrity endorsements and other trusted sources. They provide general information on pharmaceutical treatments, eating advice, and other health-related information that helps their readers adopt a healthier lifestyle. Everyday Health also features some health tools that include a drug finder, symptom checker, calorie counter, meal planner, and many more.


The above-reviewed websites have engaging and educative contents that not only provide you with the information you need but also help you have fun while at it. So, whenever you’re in search of alternatives to WebMD, these sites are the best options yet.

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