Top 7 TruGreen Competitors in 2023

TruGreen is one of the largest lawn care and maintenance companies in the US, providing the widest range of services. Did you know that over 2.3 million customers (and counting) throughout the country have subscribed to TruGreen? With the rapid growth of high rises where extensive lawns rarely exist, that is indeed a staggering number of subscribers!

Founded in 1973, the golden age of lawn care, TruGreen had pretty humble beginnings in Troy, MI. They barely had any local customers in the early stages, but they weren’t one to give up hope. Eventually, as their business grew, so did their passion for lawn care. Today, TruGreen is not only the leading lawn care company in the US but also has a healthy presence in Canada.

HeadquartersMemphis, TN, US
SIC Code0782
StatusPrivate Independent Company
Industry SectorProfessional Lawn Care

TruGreen believes in changing with the times, the value of progress. Thus, you can find several technological advancements in their services. Many may even say that they have the most cutting-edge lawn care equipment in the US! You can check their services out on any of their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest).

However, TruGreen doesn’t just embrace technology willy nilly. It only uses EPA-registered and government-approved products and equipment to care for your lawn. Additionally, they don’t just hire employees to fill their ranks and grow for the sake of it. Every member of their team is PhD-certified in the sector, and their knowledge about lawn care is far-reaching, thanks to TruGreen’s exhaustive training regime.

Given the combination of talent and technology that TruGreen has, can anyone really compete with this lawn care giant? Is there any other lawn care and maintenance company in the US and beyond that has the potential to match up to TruGreen’s dedication and teamwork?

TruGreen’s similar companies:

BrightView, Davey Tree, Bartlett Tree Experts, US Lawns, Sunday, Weed Man, Lawn Doctor. A major point to note – TruGreen, BrightView, and Davey Tree are the only three lawn care companies that have more than a billion-dollar revenue.

Who is TruGreen’s Biggest Competitor?

The biggest competitor of TruGreen is BrightView. The brand – BrightView – was established in 2014, pretty late compared to TruGreen. However, BrightView emerged from the merger of ValleyCrest and Brickman, the former of which was founded way back in 1949. BrightView is primarily a landscaping company, so lawn care forms a part of its various services. Based in Blue Bell, PA, the company serves customers, both residential and commercial, all over the US.

How TruGreen Makes Money

TruGreen has a host of qualified employees under their wing along with a sound, tried, and tested lawn care plan. The company accepts any and every kind of lawn care requirement of the customer, no matter how small or large it may be. It has pre-set pricing for the services rendered, and also a few attractive yearly subscriptions, but you can request a customized plan if required. Their extra-large fanbase helps them generate annual revenue of about $1.4 billion! 

TruGreen’s rates are on the higher end of the spectrum (you can find many other local lawn care services at more affordable costs), but the quality of their work will more than meet your expectations. And since PhD-certified employees are working for them, you definitely expect a few innovative yet highly effective methods of lawn care from time to time! Their services also extend to lawn treatment and mosquito repellents.

Industry – Lawn Care Maintenance

Lawn care maintenance isn’t a very vast industry at first glance. In this day and age of vertical development and population explosion, more and more people are opting for an apartment in a city than a palatial house in the suburbs. And a few of those who do own houses with lawns are old school, meaning that they prefer to tend to it themselves.

But the good news for the industry is that most of those old-school folks don’t usually have time these days, what with the growing competitive environment at the workplace. Thus, the need for lawn care maintenance services is slowly rising as well. And who can better take care of your lawn than the best in the business – TruGreen!

TruGreen has such a vast employee base that, coupled with a terrific management team, it can take great care of the lawns of millions of customers without breaking a sweat. The company is indeed a phenomenon in the lawn care industry, both residential and commercial, thanks to its nearly half a century of experience, top-notch middle and high-level management, and a large number of talented employees. Even the workers that will pull out the weeds from your backyard are academic experts!

Industry – Lawn Treatment/Mosquito Defense

Fed up of mosquitoes and other bugs in your backyard that do more harm than benefit your lawn? A lawn treatment service is just what you need! There are the insects that help your lawn prosper, and then there are mosquitoes that bite you all over whenever you cross the threshold. A mosquito defense service will get rid of all the harmful insects without affecting the beneficial bugs.

TruGreen provides these services along with a Mosquito-Free Guarantee! Thus, you can expect a mosquito-free environment for a long time after utilizing the company’s treatment service. You won’t have to dab those mosquito-repelling lotions the next time that you pass through your backyard!

Competitor – BrightView

BrightView is technically much younger than TruGreen with its foundation laid in 2014. However, one of the companies with which it was merged, ValleyCrest, was established way back in 1949. Thus, BrightView has loads more experience than TruGreen! BrightView is also a trusted brand among the masses, due to which its revenue of $2.4 billion is higher than that of TruGreen. However, the former provides a much wider range of services, whereas the latter is exclusively into lawn care and maintenance. This makes TruGreen far more appealing to the target audience than BrightView.

Industry – Landscaping

Landscaping is a much larger industry than lawn care, because it involves not only maintenance and treatment services, but also designing and developing landscapes from the ground up. This industry is basically divided into residential and commercial landscaping, and BrightView only deals in the latter. They do work on the landscaping of residential communities, but not for individual residences.

You just have to let the BrightView experts know of your landscape requirements. They will assess the land and provide their excellent insights before designing the landscape. Once the design has been finalized, you just have to sit back and relax as your desired panorama comes to life before your eyes! With over 21,000 employees working for BrightView, you can expect your finished landscape in the shortest possible time.

Competitor – Davey Tree

Davey Tree is THE oldest and most experienced company on this list since it was founded in 1880. And its history is pretty interesting too! When John Davey, the founder, landed on the American continent from Europe in 1973, he started working as a maintenance man at the Standing Rock Cemetery in Kent, OH. Passionate about landscaping since a very young age, Davey put his exemplary gardening skills to good use by transforming the barren cemetery into a land filled with beautiful trees and shrubs.

John Davey’s astonishing work at the cemetery eventually became the talk of the town, and soon he was flooded with landscaping requests from the local residents. It was thus that the Davey Tree company was born, literally, from the remains of the dead. But the turning point of Davey’s career arrived when he published an insightful and innovative book on the science of tree preservation in 1901.

Industry – Tree Care/Green Industry

The green industry is typically larger than both the aforementioned industries (lawn care and landscaping). It involves the care and maintenance of the overall nature itself. Davey Tree provides tree services (which include lawn care) to homeowners and commercial complexes alike. Right from short to the point consulting services to entire landscaping overhauls and maintenance, this company offers it all!

Additionally, did you know that Davey Tree is the largest employee-owned organization in Ohio with its 9500 employee number and a whopping $1.3 billion revenue? It was also featured in the Forbes list of America’s best employers in 2018.

Competitor – Bartlett Tree Experts

Bartlett Tree Experts was founded in 1907. The company deals in everything related to tree care and maintenance, along with landscaping and lawn care. Bartlett believes in implementing preventive measures for nature care, weeding out the problems before they even have a chance to arise. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t render treatments. They have the potential to tend to any and every kind of lawn or landscape with the help of their certified experts.

Industry – Tree Care/Lawn Care

Bartlett Tree Experts primarily accept tree care contracts, but they don’t back down when it comes to lawn care either. In short, they believe in caring for nature as a whole. They are widely considered to be one of the top landscaping companies in the US. Their revenue lies somewhere in the $300-$350 million range.

Competitor – US Lawns

US Lawns was founded a little after TruGreen, in 1986, and like TruGreen, it is one of the fastest-growing companies in the trade. Now, they have more than 250 different locations throughout the country with more locations underway. They mostly provide landscaping services for commercial properties, but you wouldn’t be amiss if you were to contact them for residential or community lawn care.

Industry – Landscaping Services

US Lawns experts are mostly seen designing and constructing some unique, innovative landscapes from the ground up. They are proficient in transforming any type of fertile land into picturesque scenery that would make passersby stop and stare at it for a while! And their revenue of over $178 million speaks for itself.

Competitor – Sunday Lawn Care

Sunday is the newest lawn care service on this list. Established in 2019 by an experienced, innovative researcher, Coulter Lewis, he had discovered a few amazing techniques to safely fertilize his backyard, which he started putting to commercial use. This brought about the inception of Sunday Lawn Care sometime in 2019.

Industry – Lawn Care Maintenance

Sunday’s main source of income comes through its lawn care services. Within a year, the company has already raised close to $19 million for providing its services. It is definitely a dark horse in this list of exceptional lawn care services!

Competitor – Weed Man

Ah, it’s easy to mistake the name of this company for something else. However, it is just as the literal meaning of the name suggests, a lawn care company! Weed Man was founded in 1970 by an Irish immigrant, Desmond Rice, in Canada along with his wife, Brenda, to meet the rising lawn care demand in his community. And within a few years, they had already expanded the company in the US.

Industry – Lawn Care Maintenance

Weed Man provides professional lawn care services, including weed control and pest management. Its presence is majorly felt in Canada, but the company also has a vast network in the US. Its revenue is about $187 million with an employee base of merely 113. That is quite a feat!

Competitor – Lawn Doctor

Bob Magda and Tony Giordano pooled their resources sometime in the mid-1960s to launch the Lawn Doctor in Matawan, NJ. The two friends already had quite a few clients consulting them for lawn care advice, so they started off with immediate profits. Today, Lawn Doctor services over 39 US states with plans already in place for further expansion.

Industry – Lawn Care Maintenance

Lawn Doctor believes in making every lawn free of pests and mosquitoes all the while improving its quality. They know that every region requires a different kind of lawn care, hence they have assigned local experts for the purpose. No wonder their revenue lies somewhere around $118 million, which is a lot for a state focused company.


The Top 7 TruGreen Competitors: BrightView, Davey Tree, Bartlett Tree Experts, US Lawns, Sunday, Weed Man, Lawn Doctor. With combined revenue of nearly $6 billion (including TruGreen), these eight companies are a phenomenon in the world of lawn care along with their 47,000 employees.

Competitor Stats:

BrightView2014 Blue Bell, PA, US21,500
Davey Tree1880Kent, OH, US9500
Bartlett Tree Experts1907Stamford, CT, US1500
US Lawns1986Orlando, FL, US47
Sunday2019Denver, CO, US56
Weed Man1970Ontario, Canada113
Lawn Doctor1965Holmdel, NJ, US93

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