Top 10 Sauce Labs Competitors in 2023

Sauce Labs is an online, cloud-based testing platform for mobile and web applications. Founded in 2008 by Jason Huggins, Steven Hazel, and Al Sargent, the company is currently headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Did you know that Huggins, then CTO, was featured in InfoWorld’s top entrepreneurs’ list in 2010 for the development and promotion of the well-known plugin, Sauce OnDemand? No wonder, Sauce Labs has a vast number of developers testing their software on this high-end platform every single day! The company’s revenue is presently sitting pretty at about $60 million.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic changed the face of software testing to a remarkable degree. Developers and programmers have been mostly working from home with limited resources at their disposal. That is exactly where Sauce Labs’ cloud-based testing feature comes into stark focus. You don’t need to physically transport your app data from your workplace to your house. As long as you have saved the testing essentials on the cloud of Sauce Labs, you can conduct the software testing from anywhere!

NameSauce Labs
FoundedAugust 2008
HeadquartersSan Francisco, CA, US
SIC Code7371
StatusPrivate, Independent Company
Industry SectorSoftware Testing

Over the years, Sauce Labs has managed to acquire a healthy client base. After all, it has a little more than 700 different browsers, numerous operating systems, and a great number of real devices that allow you to test your apps efficiently. We cannot really find any particular reason for you to switch platforms, but if you intend to do so, for reasons aplenty, then here are the top 10 alternatives to this high-tech platform.

Sauce Labs similar companies:

Perfecto, TestComplete, Applause, Kobiton, Ranorex Studio, LambdaTest, pCloudy, BrowserStack, Browserling, Equafy.

Who is Sauce Labs’ Biggest Competitor?

The biggest competitor of Sauce Labs is TestComplete, the largest multi-functional app testing platform in the world. Developed by SmartBear Software and released in 1999 by AutomatedQA, TestComplete is the go-to hub for several programmers, established and aspiring, looking to develop the next big software compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS. The company is known to generate a revenue upwards of $240 million, four times that of Sauce Labs!

How Sauce Labs makes Money

As you may have figured out by now, Sauce Labs is an all-inclusive testing platform for web applications and mobile apps. It utilizes almost every available resource on the internet to help you determine whether or not your application works to its optimum capacity on the most used browsers, operating systems, and web-accessible devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.). Sauce Labs bases its revenue structure on monthly or yearly subscriptions. Its flexible plans include:

  • Live Testing: This is the most basic plan with manual cross-browser and mobile app tests.
  • Virtual Cloud: We believe that this is the best plan for those who are looking to start off their development ventures. It provides a completely automated process, along with the entire manual package, at a reasonable price.
  • Real Device Cloud: As the name suggests, the real device cloud offers almost every popular device (computers, laptops, smartphones) on the planet. Thus, you can ensure that your application runs smoothly on each gadget without having to provide individual updates later on.

Software Testing

Software testing is a separate niche of the software industry that contains platforms ideal for conducting a thorough analysis of the developed software. The features that it offers include but aren’t limited to:

  • Ensuring that all the guidelines are followed.
  • Determining whether it is efficient enough.
  • Establishing if it responds in the right way to every possible type of query.
  • Guaranteeing that it runs on all kinds of devices appropriately.

Sauce Labs focuses on delivering each of those features to the best of its capability. The company ensures that once you run your software through their platform, you won’t need to use another testing machine ever again! It consists of various debugging resources, automation tools, supported platforms, test analytics, and Sauce Labs’ very own virtual testing equipment.

Cross Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing is considered to be a platform separate from software testing in the sense that it involves a whole new array of tools to specifically ensure that your software runs efficiently on different browsers, as opposed to the focus of testing on different devices in case of the latter. Cross-browser testing platforms emulate a number of web browsers compatible with most of the well-known operating systems.

This is the industry in which Sauce Labs dominates its competition. The platform provides over 700 web browsers to test on, along with more than 800 different combos of OSes and browsers. Thus, you can not only ensure that your software product runs efficiently on individual browsers, but also determine its productivity in a number of operating systems.


TestComplete consists of a comprehensive testing structure on three major operating systems – Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. Developed by SmartBear Software back when software testing was still in its infancy (1999), TestComplete contains three modules – desktop, web, and mobile. Its primary features include keyword and scripted tests, internal object access, bug tracking integration, data drivers, recording of tests, and quite a few extensions and SDK.

Test Automation

Test automation is an integral part of software testing that involves comparing the actual efficiency of the application with the predicted efficiency. It ensures long term functioning of the software, guaranteeing that it doesn’t malfunction within the set warranty period. TestComplete is the industry leader in this sector. The company’s automated platform helps determine whether your software is ideal to be commercially distributed.


Perfecto was founded in 2006 as a software testing platform that ensured faster delivery of results with a high level of accuracy. The company is based in Burlington, MA. It was recently acquired by Perforce, a few decades old firm that is one of the leading software manufacturers in the US. Netflix and Disney are among its most popular clients. Being a part of such a prestigious organization has only boosted the level of Perfecto’s offerings.

Software Testing

Perfecto is known for its continuous testing platform that allows its customers to ensure the long-term profitability of its software. Their analysis results are also considered to be among the best in the trade. Additionally, the company focuses on modifying its algorithms to include newer technologies, like the various innovations on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Its revenue lies in the $120 million marks.


Applause, Inc. is a privately funded software testing company that was formed through its incorporation of uTest in 2007. It is headquartered in Framingham, MA, with an employee base of over 300. The company primarily provides testing services for software products. Its clients include the likes of Facebook and Google. Its revenue currently stands at about $63 million.

Software Testing

The software testing features of Applause include the regular automated functional testing for a variety of operating systems and browsers, and also a unique crowd testing forum that allows users to determine the net profitability of their product based on genuine customer reviews. In short, every software producer who uses their platform for testing purposes can receive authentic feedback from potential customers without having to commercially distribute the software.


BrowserStack provides the largest number of web browsers to test your applications on. Founded in 2011 by Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal in Mumbai, India, the company initially allowed testing only on Internet Explorer. Today, BrowserStack has over 2000 browsers to choose from, along with more than 2 million registered developers in 135 different countries. The company also provides OS and real mobile device testing.

Software Testing

True to its name, BrowserStack almost owns the worldwide market when it comes to web browser testing. However, it doesn’t fall too far behind in other forms of software testing either. Its four major offerings include Live, App Live, Automate, and App Automate. Did you know that BrowserStack recently acquired a top visual testing software product, Percy? The company boasts of more than 25,000 paid customers and has a revenue of around $100 million.


Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Kobiton is a fast-functioning software testing company that believes in giving the user the best results. Hence, it is highly particular about using only real devices for the purpose instead of simulators and emulators. You can either conduct tests on their exclusive cloud platform or visit one of their physical offices. Kobiton’s revenue currently sits at about $15 million.

Software Testing

If you are very particular about ensuring that your software runs perfectly on popular web browsers, desktops, and mobile devices, then you may consider using Kobiton. You can manage your entire device lab from anywhere on the globe with the help of their test clouds. The company’s scriptless automation technique generates dynamic automation test scripts without having to use Appium.


LambdaTest may have revenue in the range of Kobiton ($15 million), but it offers a larger number of browsers to test on (over 2000). The company was founded quite recently (2017) by Asad Khan and Jay Singh, which makes its achievements so far even more amazing. LambdaTest’s only drawback is that it doesn’t provide real devices for testing.

Cross Browser Testing

Pick from a great range of popular and not-so-popular browsers to test your software on. LambdaTest offers cloud testing for various operating systems as well. Mobile browsers include those compatible with Android and iOS.


pCloudy utilizes ‘next-gen’ testing platforms to test mobile apps on a number of real devices. Its testing tools include mobile, automation, and bot testing. The company was founded in 2013 and later acquired by Smart Software Testing Solutions. pCloudy presently has its headquarters in Dublin, CA.

Software Testing

pCloudy has a scalable infrastructure that allows continuous testing of software on their platform. Its security has been verified by reliable third parties, and it has one of the highest ROIs in the industry. With over 100,000 active users, pCloudy generates revenue of nearly $8 million.


As the name suggests, Browserling exclusively deals in cross-browser testing. The company was founded in 2010 by Peter Krumins and James Halliday. Did you know that they claim to be the first on the planet to offer live interactive HTML5-based cross-browser testing services? They may have a relatively small team, but they dedicate all their resources to every project.

Cross Browser Testing

Browserling has all the popular web browsers available for testing, like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It also offers other not-so-popular options like Edge and Safari. Its Live API and web developer tools are worth considering as well. The company generates annual revenue of $6 million.

Ranorex Studio

Unlike the other competitors on this list, Ranorex Studio is a unique test automation framework in itself. It is used for the testing of desktop and browser-based and mobile-related applications. It is the youngest alternative in this list with its release in 2021. The company was actually founded in 2007.

Automated Testing

Ranorex Studio supports a number of technologies like .NET, Java, and HTML5, along with browsers and operating systems like Chrome, Firefox, Android, and iOS. The company boasts revenue of around $3 million.


Equafy may generate the lowest revenue of all (only about $36,000), but it deserves a special mention here due to its comprehensive cross-browser testing equipment that is constantly under development.

Cross Browser Testing

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Equafy offers bug detection, Selenium cloud execution, and automatic site validation for its users. The company has yet to reach its full potential, so keep an eye out for further updates from Equafy!


The Top 10 Sauce Labs Competitors: Perfecto, TestComplete, Applause, Kobiton, Ranorex Studio, LambdaTest, pCloudy, BrowserStack, Browserling, and Equafy. TestComplete ranks the highest in terms of revenue for its comprehensive testing structure. Combined together, these 11 companies generate a revenue of about $623 million. They have over 2500 employees under their wing.

Competitor Stats:

TestComplete1999Somerville, MA, US650
Perfecto2006Minneapolis, MN, US158
Applause2007Framingham, MA, US301
BrowserStack2011Mumbai, India600
Kobiton2016Atlanta, GA, US124
LambdaTest2017San Francisco, CA, US129
Ranorex Studio2007Houston, TX, US34
pCloudy2013Dublin, CA, US60
Browserling2010Oakland, CA, US4
Equafy2013Sofia, Bulgaria9

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