Sanitary Ware Swiss Market Competitors in 2023

Sanitary Ware Swiss Market Competitors

Swiss brands are well-known in the sanitary ware industry owing to their high-quality materials, skilled craftsmen, innovative technology, and lavish designs. Whether you are on the fence about investing in sanitary ware for your home or business, they can completely change the look of the bathrooms and can make one feel comfortable.

Take this sanitär onlineshop as an example. They provide premium quality and contemporary sanitary ware items ranging from bathroom ceramics and furniture to bathroom fixtures at affordable rates.

Although there are a variety of sanitary ware Swiss brands on the market, we have listed some of the top competitors in 2023 in this article to help you make an informed decision. Read below to discover!  


Geberit was established in 1874 and is presently headquartered in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland. It boasts a strong presence in most European countries due to its top-notch quality sanitary ware products and aesthetically-pleasing designs.

While providing durable sanitary ware items, it still takes care of the environment through its green practices, production processes, and numerous social projects.

In addition to bathroom products, it also offers installation and piping systems for water supply and building drainage.


Founded in 2008, Axent is a worldwide supplier of shower toilets, and its overall product portfolio ranges from shower heads, bathtubs, and bathroom furniture to basins.

It integrates extraordinary craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to provide its customers with a unique experience. The top team of designers with years of experience consider the aesthetics, functionality, materials, technology, and clients while coming up with a new product design.

Considering energy efficiency, Axent developed HI-FLUSH, an innovative flush control system that’s completely wireless and can be placed anywhere to ease the toilet flush operation. 


Grohe was set up in 1936 with headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. It offers various functional and modern sanitary ware products such as showers & thermostats, bathroom collections, bathtubs & wash basins, and kitchen taps.

Its main goal is to provide highly innovative, top-notch quality, modern, practical, and sustainable toilet solutions to its customers worldwide. That’s why Grohe has earned more than 300 design and innovation awards, and it has also been labeled as Germany’s most sustainable large brand.


This sanitary ware manufacturing company was set up in 1892 and currently has 4 production sites – one in Poland, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. It boasts a vast product range like bathroom accessories, faucets, shower trays, bathtubs, urinals, bidets, installation systems, and more.

It combines both aspects of sanitary ware products, i.e., functionality and design, to provide its customers with the best of both worlds. During its manufacturing processes, priority is given to eco-friendly practices.


Established in 1817 with headquarters in Germany, Duravit focuses on several aspects of its bathroom furniture and ceramics such as design, suitability, comfort, tradition, and functionality to ensure there’s something for everyone to buy.

Its product range includes showers, toilets, washing areas, accessories, bathtubs, and faucets. It works with a few world-renowned designers to ensure its products are as practical and stylish as possible. Its sanitary ware items are not only sturdy but also space-saving, scratch-resistant, and dirt-repellent.

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