Papa Murphy Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Papa Murphy Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Papa Murphy’s mission statement is “To provide customers with unparalleled service, quality, and innovation to create the best at-home meal experience.”

If you love hot and delicious pizzas, Papa Murphy’s is the brand to trust. Starting in Vancouver, Washington, in 1995, the brand has become one of the hot favorites of the people in America. In 1995, the company announced its merger with two local take-and-bake pizza companies: Papa Aldo’s Pizza and Murphy’s Pizza. It has more than 1600 outlets in the US and Canada.

Over the years, the common has worked on pricing pizza lovers with some amazing flavors through its freshly baked pizzas. The company takes pride in providing the tastiest pizzas at the best price, and to top it all, it also offers several discounts and deals. Senior citizens can now avail of senior discounts at Papa Murphy’s and enjoy tasty pizzas at a lesser price.

Why Should You Ask for Papa Murphy’s Senior Discount?

When in your senior phase, it is common to have limited means and growing expenses, especially on health. Thus, it is wise to save wherever you can. Senior discounts are very popular in the US, and it is a great way to save on some extra money. Papa Murphy also offers good deals and discounts. The qualifying age for a senior discount may vary from store to store. So, if you are in an older age slab and want to save some money, you must ask for a senior discount at Papa Murphy’s store.

How to Get Papa Murphy’s Senior Discount

Papa Murphy’s offers a discount for senior citizens. Senior citizens can get a discount of 20% to 30% or even more. This discount is available for senior citizens who are 50 years or more. But there are some Papa Murphy’s that offer a discount for senior citizens who are in the age of 55 – 60 years. You can also search online to get senior discounts.

Getting this discount is very easy. Simply walk into the Papa Murphy’s pizza restaurant and ask for the senior discount.

If you qualify for the senior discount, you can avail of the offer. If needed, then you can show your ID proof to justify your age.

You can also download Papa Murphy’s app, wherein you can browse all the latest deals and offers. If you have any special discount or deal, then you can use it and avail of the discount. This app is available on both YouTube and App Store.

Other Ways You Can Save With Papa Murphy’s

In addition to the above-mentioned senior citizens discount, there are other deals and discounts available for all. Here we have highlighted some of the important ways you can save on Papa Murphy’s Pizzas.

  • Papa Murphy’s  Customer Satisfaction Survey is a great chance to win discount coupons or free cookies. A popular way to enjoy savings and communicate your genuine feedback, the survey also allows the pizza giant to stay competitive by improving continuously.
  • Enjoy $10.99 Pizza Tuesdays – You cannot miss the Tuesday treat at Papa Murphy’s. Enjoy a large pizza at $10.99. Papa Murphy’s offers discounts every Tuesday across its various locations. You can take up the Papa Murphy’s Tuesday sale for $12.99 pizzas. Choose your favorite topping and enjoy it for just $12.99. The best part about this discount is that you can choose the topping of your choice, or you can even customize your own pizza combination with up to 5 toppings for just $12.99 for a large pizza. 
  • Get Papa Murphy’s XLNY Giant Pizza for $10 – You will always find that Papa Murphy is running discounts and deals for its customers. You can enjoy XLNY Giant Pizza for $10, but this is not an ongoing reward. Hence, you can ask the local store about the same. 
  • The $5 FAVES Menu – You can also enjoy the super cheap menu at Papa Murphy’s, but this discount is not available in all the stores. You have to check with the local store about the same. You can ask your nearest outlet to know their offers. 
  • Don’t miss the Game Day promotions – You cannot miss out on this. On the weekend game days, Papa Murphy comes with promotional offers wherein you can save up to 25% off on a $25 bill or more. 
  • Sign Up for MySlice Rewards – You have to simply join Papa Murphy’s MySlice Rewards to avail of this offer.
  • Get the benefit of BOGO sales – Don’t miss the “buy one, get one” deal with Papa Murphy. The store is offering pizzas at just $5.99. Enjoy the “buy one, get one” deal on pizzas on Monday, or you can also relish freshly baked pizzas at $10.99 on Tuesdays and enjoy the weekend with Large Thin Crust Pizzas at $5.99 on Friday.

Similar Companies That Do Offer Senior Discounts

  • Cici’s Pizza – Discounts vary by location.
  • Papa John’s- It offers 25 % off all regular menu prices to AARP members and customers over 55 who order online.
  • Uno Pizzeria- 25% discount on Wednesdays. (55+)

 You can also check out some stores that offer senior discounts

Papa Murphy’s FAQs

Does Papa Murphy have senior hours?

Papa Murphy offers a senior discount, but there are no specific senior hours. You can avail of their discounts any day.

What is Papa Murphy’s senior discount age?

The senior discount is available for citizens 50 years or above. However, at some stores of Papa Murphy, the senior discount is for those who are between 55-60 years of age.

Is there a senior discount day at Papa Murphy?

No, there is no specific discount day for the seniors. However, there are other offers like BOGO on Mondays, a $10.99 pizza on Tuesdays, and a $5.99 Large Thin Crust pizzas on Fridays.

Does Papa Murphy accept AARP?

As of March 2021, Papa Murphy’s doesn’t accept AARP.


Papa Murphy’s competitors try their best to beat them, but Papa Murphy’s remains the favorite among pizza lovers.

Pizza is certainly one of the most loved foods enjoyed by people of all age groups. And if you are in your golden age, you can get some additional benefits at some of the leading Pizza outlets.

Senior discounts are a great way to save money without compromising on taste. These discounts are available for those who are 50 years or more. So, if you fall in this category, you must not miss a chance to avail the discount.

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