Mixtiles Competitors and Similar Companies

Mixtiles Competitors and Similar Companies

Mixtiles is an Israeli software company driven to make artistic, beautiful, affordable, and simple wall photos worldwide. It relies on the creative ideas of top-notch photography and fine artists worldwide to create digital print-quality customized pictures. Based heavily on design, software, industrial design, and manufacturing, Mixtiles gets every refined picture-art work done. With hundreds of thousands of customers and dozens of employees around the world, Mixtiles have been able to circulate printed framed pictures that stick to any wall, leave no damage, and can be moved around. 

Mixtiles application is free for use with no subscription plan included.

NAMEMixtiles Ltd.
SIC CODE32,325
STATUSPrivate Company
INDUSTRY SECTORArt, Media, and Entertainment Software industry

How Mixtiles Makes Money

Mixtiles DIY Tutorial

Mixtiles provides self-help/tutorial videos on DIY home art-making and designing.

Art Tiles Sales

Mixtiles has amazing artists that help turn personal photograph pictures into arty tiles printed and framed to be placed on an order by selection from customers worldwide.

Mixtiles Similar Companies 

The 6 biggest rivals to Mixtiles are:

  1. PhotoSquared Print
  2. MeshCanvas
  3. Keepsake
  4. Fusion Photoblend
  5. Photo Lab
  6. Instatus

Photo editing and customization (with after effects) have been introduced into the world of photography since the emergence of the world’s first color photography. Application software products that allow pictures to be captured on phones suffice for the original darkroom editing for pictures. As an added advantage, there was no more need for long-drawn processing in photo editing. Special effects and customization tools are implemented on phone camera apps to get immediate editing.  

Introducing special effect (SFX) editing apps led us to the best apps, competition, and alternatives of 2023. This intro tags along with a body of information on the market share of these novel apps in the commercial trend of arts and photography. More especially, apps that convert pictures into artistic reality frameworks printed on canvass for a more edifying effect added to the aesthetic values of photo editing. 

Now, let’s discuss more of the top 6 Mixtiles competitors: 

PhotoSquared Print

Introduced in 2016., PhotoSquared LLC created an app that allows users to create amazing mosaic murals with Photosquares for artistic designs in prints on walls and digital collages. PhotoSquared is one of the fastest methods to print photos from a phone (available both on Android and iOS) and create amazing wall art from any digital photo.

All you need to do is to choose your photos in the app and order prints of edited pictures. In 2-5 days, your printed Photo Squares (depending on the count of your print order) are delivered to your doorstep and set for hanging. PhotoSquared has had over 200 thousand downloads and is among the top 10 favorite photo-editing print-friendly apps. PhotoSquared tile costs $9 each.

Similarities between PhotoSquared and Mixtiles

  • Both process picture-art tiles with the same structural components
  • Both applications allow making orders for art tiles
Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
<$5 million~ $23.1 millionOwing  Mills, Maryland, US<25


MeshCanvas LLC is a commercial printing, media, and internet industry. MeshCanvas has a Printing Photo App and editor that allows you to print your captured moment. The print delivery service is only available in the US. Print formats include MeshBlock (at $46 for 3 pieces), MeshPanel ($53 for 3 pieces), MeshTile ($46 for 3 pieces), and MeshCanvas ($60 for 3 pieces). The edited photo print is available within 4-6 business days from order.

Similarities between MeshCanvas and Mixtiles

  • Mixtiles and MeshCanvas produce similar image perception and tile picture grid features
  • Both tiles come in sizes that can use peel-and-stick tape and can be applied anywhere
Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
<$5 millionTaiwan<25


Keepsake LLC delivers photo-edited picture frames. You get to choose your photos and upload them to gain access to dozens of frames you might like. Photos are printed on luster papers. You select the frame you like, and your handmade photo frame will be made and delivered in a few days (4-5 days). Frames are made of scratch-free wood with premium finishes. Photo frames are shipped from the US to anywhere they are ordered from.

Similarities between Keepsake and Mixtiles

  • Customization and enhancement effects for both apps are similar, especially in appearance outcome
Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
<$5 MillionN/ANew York, US<25

Fusion Photoblend

Introduced in 2018, Fusion PB is a double exposure image blender application that allows users to blend/mix and superimpose photos, edit them, share, and get them printed. The app was developed by Tech BLA Solutions to be a free version of smart image blender apps that allow you to blend two pictures and create stunning image collages.

On the Premium Pro version, users have access to 15 distinct after-effect modes and 75 unique, customizable blend options.

Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
N/A$745 millionNew York, US1001-5000

Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab is a Photo Editor software (App) developed by VicMan Software LLC for smartphone image editing. The app allows captured photos to be edited online.  

When selecting picture frames, the app does not need to be adjusted. All a user has to do is choose an effect or any frame out of available options and select a photo from the camera roll (if there’s one already taken. If not, a new one can be taken instantly with the phone’s camera). A unique picture collage is created after the choice image is uploaded. The app also has an inbuilt photo editor with every basic tool that enables cropping, color adjusting, light-adjusting, sharpness regulation, and advanced features like touch-ups.

The app tool is made available on a subscription basis: $5.5 for a month and $178 for a year.

Similarities between Photo Lab and Mixtiles

  • It is easy to add photo effects and customize pictures on both apps
Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
~ $2.9 millionMoscow, Russia15


Newly founded in 2020, Instatus, is close to tool-rich like Photoshop (a photo editing PC software). The app contains 50 preset templates designed by professional designers. There is a text editor (with 89 recommended fonts), themes, photo effects, and other editing tools that allow users to make adjustments. 

Instatus 1.0 is made free and available worldwide through App Store (in the Photo & Video Apps category). The extra in-app packages are attractive and granted access for only $0.99. Instatus also allows you to share a rare-view edited picture (with text) on social media statuses and reels (Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.) 

Similarities between Instatus and Mixtiles

  • Both platforms allow product managers to create artistic features of product pictures for sharing on social media
Annual RevenueFundingHeadquartersEMPLOYEES
<$5 millionN/AOregon, US<25


Mixtiles’ biggest competitor is Photo Lab Picture Editor.  Best photo editing and print-creative apps of 2023 tax a lot on the taste of netizens, especially users with promotional businesses. Pictures are captured in batches to be shared on social media and stores (for marketing products and services). Features that allow multiple versions of product images and photographs will appeal more to the categories of users who use photo blending and touch-up tools to titivate their appearance online. 

Home wall arts and decoration is becoming trendier in the category of interior decorations. Hence, photo editing and printing apps like Mixtiles and Photo Lab that allow families to occupy their home wall space with picture memories will sell more in their special category for this purpose.  Photo Editing apps will soon become the future of studio photography.

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