Top 3 Grammarly Competitors, Alternatives & similar companies In 2023

Grammarly is an AI-based digital notation tool that allows users to correct grammar mistakes.

Grammarly is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Brad Hoover is the CEO of Grammarly. Grammarly’s latest round of funding was a $ 90 million share issue in October 2019. Grammarly’s main competitors are Ginger Software, WhiteSmoke, and ProWritingAid. As of August 2019, Grammarly had 7.1 million Facebook fans and 148.6 thousand Twitter followers.

Grammarly’s Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding and Acquisitions

Together they brought together more than 5.4 million people from an estimated 675 employees. Grammarly’s revenue is ranked second among the top 10 competitors. Top 10 competitors averaged 5.4M. Grammarly has 240 employees and is ranked 1st among the top 10 competitors. Top 10 competitors with an average of 91.

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  • Founded: 2009
  • Est. Annual Revenue: $10M
  • Est. Employees: 240
  • Headquarters: 548 Marktet Street Suite 35410 San Francisco, California 94104

Grammarly similar companies:

Ginger Software, Ginger, Reverso, SentenceCheckup, Hemingway App, Sapling, WhiteSmoke, ProWritingAid, Language Tools, VeriCite, Netarose, enVention, Pure Devices, Plagiarism Checker X and Paper Rater.

Ginger Software

Ginger Software is a competitor to Grammarly # 1. Ginger Software is a privately held company founded in 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts. Ginger Software operates in the Internet software industry. Compared to Grammarly, Ginger Software employs 40 fewer people.


WhiteSmoke is considered one of Grammarly’s biggest competitors. WhiteSmoke was founded in Wilmington, Delaware} in 2002. WhiteSmoke works in the area of ​​software for the Internet. Compared to Grammarly, WhiteSmoke generates $ 5.2 million less in revenue.


ProWritingAid is one of Grammarly’s main competitors. ProWritingAid is headquartered in London, England and was founded in 2012. ProWritingAid competes in the internet software industry. ProWritingAid generates 40% of Grammarly’s revenue.

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