Top 5 Ethyca’s Data Privacy Competitors & Similar Companies

As an SME or even a large-scale organization, it’s your responsibility to fulfill your customers’ data privacy requests as per the data privacy laws and provide them with efficient and optimum data privacy services. This helps a company to maintain its goodwill while the customers enjoy its services in the long run. Although there are many data privacy tools on the market, it seems like Ethyca is kind of unbeatable in terms of its package, cost, and efficiency. Its services range from detailed data mapping on the screen with a bird’s eye view to processing your customer’s data privacy

Ethyca’s Data Privacy similar companies:

Securiti, BigID, OneTrust, Osano, Dataguise, Privitar, TrustArc, Aravo, Venminder and Abine.

Hence, we scoured the internet and listed below the top five Ethyca’s data privacy competitors to help you find an alternative that suits your preferences. Check them out!

1.    Didomi

This SaaS offers services like privacy and consent and preference management to organizations that allow its users to take over their personal data themselves. Its technology lets businesses adhere to privacy regulations worldwide, such as GDPR and CPRA.

Additionally, they provide online support and during their business hours as well. You can take advantage of the free trial, otherwise, you should keep 250 euros per month in your mind to use the services of Didomi.   

2.    OneTrust

Well-known companies like Huawei or Oracle widely use this SaaS. There’s no doubt in its efficiency as it has been awarded 150 patents and its monthly updates allow it to keep its performance top-notch for an excellent user experience.

It provides quick solutions for:

  • Privacy management
  • Third-party risk
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Preference and consent management
  • Environmental, social, and governance
  • Ethics and compliance

Including the beneficial solutions it provides to its users, its user-friendly interface makes it even easier for all kinds of users to operate without any hassle. It features a free version and a free trial as well.

3.    Segment

The biggest edge for the Segment tool is that it can be operated on the web along with iPhone, iPad, and Android so its users can collect, erase and control their own customers’ data no matter where they are. It provides customer’s activities on a single page.

It delivers services like account-based marketing, customer data platform, identity resolution, master data management, and much more. You can avail their amazing “team” package only for $120 per month.   

4.    DataGrail

DataGrail logo

DataGrail saves you extra time and effort as it automates most of the complex processes to keep a company’s data privacy updated and well-managed by data mapping and discovery, data subject request fulfillment, and consent and preference management. It features an easy-to-use interface that manages data to comply with privacy regulations like California’s Privacy Act and GDPR.

5.    Secure Privacy

Secure Privacy helps businesses to make their websites secure and compliant with a variety of data privacy laws that are regulated in Thailand, California, Brazil, UK, Canada, France, and more. It also automates visitor preferences, cookie consent management, and privacy policy to give the best user experience to the website visitors without invading their privacy.

It also comes in more than 70 languages, and this is a good advantage that makes the usage of the service much easier.

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