Top Competitive Casinos in Singapore

Most people don’t think of Singapore when they think of the best gambling destinations in the world. Historically, the small island off Malaysia’s southern tip has been very traditional.

As a result, many people were taken aback when the government decided to make gambling legal. The doors of some of the world’s largest casino resorts have opened. Apart from these top casinos, you can also try your hand at Mybet88sg online casino in Singapore. We highly recommend this as they offer free membership; meaning no deposit required, only registration with their website.

Let’s have a look at some of the top competitive casinos in Singapore that we recommend for you:

Marina Bay Sands Casino

In early 2015, Marina Bay Sands was reported to have lost its first-place rank in terms of revenue generated by casinos. With Genting Singapore’s expansion plans into other states, many analysts see a potential threat to Singapore’s tourism sector especially with other rivals such as Macau planning to open more casino resorts. To counter this issue, Marina Bay Sands’ management has promised that there will be no further expansions but instead they will increase their focus on the quality of customer service provided.

Although there are a lot of exciting casinos in Singapore, not all of them can offer you the same convenience when it comes to location. This is where Marina Bay Sands Casino beats the competitors.

The highlight of this casino is definitely their high roller rooms and high stakes casino tables which also include a private gaming salon for VIP players only. In fact, reports have shown that most, if not all, of its revenue, was derived from these luxurious rooms. With the likes of Berlusconi and Jay-Z claimed to have visited these places before, getting in requires a minimum entrance fee starting from $250. Other attractions include a free five-minute ride on the outdoor rooftop car park atrium with an hourly carousel rotation and offer such attractions as the Rainforest Bar, which is equipped with a three-story rain simulation.

Genting Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa

Genting Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa is Southeast Asia’s first integrated resort destination comprising hotels, restaurants, theatres, an art and science museum, aquariums, etc. All this is housed in a space of 110 acres! This casino has 400+ electronic tables and 2000 plus slot machines with the latest technology in game-play. Genting Casino Singapore also features a number of entertainment options such as live music performances, fine dining restaurants, and even themed bars.

Fortuna Entertainment Group owns this casino which used to be one of the top three casinos in Singapore before it was taken over by Fortuna Entertainment. Because of its popularity among VIP players from mainland China, it attracts a large number of Asian high rollers looking for their luxury fix throughout the year culminating during Chinese New Year when bets get really wild! With more than 1000 electronic gaming machines and 200 tables for blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, and others, swanky hotel accommodations (for up to 450 persons ), multiple dining options like the Michelin-starred Summer Palace Restaurant, fine cigars at the Singapore Cigar Lounge & Bar, high profile entertainment concerts with international talents plus great shopping in its stylish casino mall; all these make this casino worth spending your nights at.

Casino Cruise is probably one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to casinos in Singapore. It is considered as one of the leaders when it comes to innovation in game-play in terms of the technology employed. With more than 600 electronic gaming machines available in various theme centres around the world including live dealer games; you get an experience that you are never going to forget.

Aegean Paradise Cruise Casino

Aegean Paradise Cruise in Singapore is a 3-deck luxury cruise liner Casino. Because the minimum bets at this casino are only S$2, they’re significantly lower than those at the more prestigious casinos on Singapore’s mainland. However, this isn’t just a place for gambling. On board this lavish vessel, there’s a lot more to do than just sit back and relax.

Crockfords Tower Casino

Resorts World Sentosa’s Crockfords Tower, an all-suite hotel, is renowned for its array of entertainment options, including a mini mall, spa studio, beauty centre, and a sprawling casino. One of Singapore’s most well-known casinos is conveniently located directly beneath the property. This casino has it all: live tables, slot machines, shows, and delicious food to go along with it.

Final Note

Singapore has proven that it is possible to legalize gambling and still maintain a traditional culture. This small country’s decision to open the world’s largest casino resorts should be an example for other countries looking at legalizing their own casinos in order to boost tourism revenue. The impact on Singapore may not have been what they expected, but with any luck this gamble will pay off well into the future!

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