Amazing Facts About Twitter You Should Know

Launched in 2006, Twitter has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms that one needs to visit to be up-to-date on the latest news and happenings in the world. Its popularity has made many social marketing experts include Twitter marketing in their digital marketing plans. Owing to its numerous benefits, almost every business today is looking for a Twitter growth service to increase its presence on Twitter.

Twitter’s basic concept is allowing users to send short messages of 140 characters known as tweets. The number of characters was further increased to 280 in 2017 for better communication. In this blog, we share some amazing facts about this globally popular microblogging site.

  1. The first-ever tweet on Twitter was made by its co-founder Jack Dorsey: ‘Just Setting up my twttr’.
  2. Though Twitter was launched in 2006, the #the hashtag concept was introduced in the year 2007.
  3. It took 10 years for Twitter to start making a profit. Twitter officially made a profit in 2017.
  4. There are more than 200 million accounts on Twitter all over the world.
  5. About 550 million people have used Twitter at least once.
  6. More than 44% of Twitter registered users have still not sent a Tweet to anybody.
  7. More than 390 million accounts on Twitter do not have any followers.
  8. Barack Obama is the most followed leader with more than 112 million followers. Donald Trump is close to 72.1 million.
  9. About 22 percent of Americans have an account on Twitter.
  10. Among celebrities, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry both have over 100 million followers.
  11. The US has the largest number of Twitter users with more than 60 million users.
  12. Twitter users send more than 1 billion tweets every week.
  13. Barack Obama’s tweet announcing his victory is the most popular tweet. It was retweeted more than 800K times.
  14. 50% of Twitter users use Twitter through their mobile.
  15. The name of the Twitter logo bird is Larry.
  16. Tweets with images see 5 times more engagement, while tweets with videos see 10 times more engagement.
  17. Every 10 seconds, the Starbucks brand is mentioned in a tweet.
  18. 80% of the Tweets from the US are done by just 10% of Twitter’s registered US account holders.
  19. News makes up for 3.6% of all Tweets, while Spam makes up for 3.8% of all Tweets.
  20. Only 8.7% of all tweets have a pass along or sharing value, while 5.9% of all tweets are for self-promotion only.
  21. Pointless topics and issues make up the majority of tweets with 40.1% of all tweets.
  22. 37.6% of all tweets are conversational in nature.

Twitter is growing in popularity every day

With all world leaders and celebrities having active Twitter profiles, the popularity and growth of Twitter are unstoppable. The ease with which people can use Twitter and share their thoughts with millions of other users across the world has led to its popularity among all regions and nationalities.

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