Top Competitors Companies in the Global Hoverboard Market

Top Competitors Companies in the Global Hoverboard Market

In 2020, the global hoverboard market was valued at around 781 million dollars. Research has shown that the market will grow by more than 1 billion dollars in the next decade. This has made more companies invest their resources in this growing market. This article will take you through the top competitors in this ever-increasing market and what makes these companies stand out from the rest. 

Epikgo Company

Epikgo company researched and identified a niche in the hoverboard market. Thanks to their years of research, the company manufactures high-quality scooters, making traveling easier. In addition, their products are made out of the latest technology materials to ensure the user’s safety. 

In addition, their hoverboards are made of alloy wheels that are lighter and let the user turn precisely, even in corners. On top of that, the company’s products have a self-balancing feature that enables you to use your phone easily.

Another feature that makes Epikgo scooters one of the best is that their scooters have long battery life. You can use the machine for more than 10 miles without running out of juice. 

Swagtron Company

Swagtron company is known for being one of the best companies in mobility innovation. Some of their products include e-bikes, skateboards, scooters, and hoverboards. What makes this company stand out when it comes to its hoverboards is that they have integrated its entire business model. Combining the whole business model ensures they market their products, maximize sales, and continue the development of high-quality hoverboards. 

Some of the features that make this company’s hoverboards have a competitive advantage in the global market are its dynamic Bluetooth speakers. Moreover, the machines are made with durable ABS casing that ensures the products can withstand different terrains. There is also an android companion app that lets you choose between the different riding modes. 

Global Razor Company

Razor is a company that utilizes cutting-edge technology to make its products. Some of their products include kick scooters, electric scooters, hoverboards, and electric rides. 

What makes their hoverboards stand out is the technology used to make them. In addition, the company focuses on the rider’s safety, which makes most customers prefer their boards. 

On top of that, the boards have a reliable self-balancing feature that ensures the user does not fall when moving at fast speeds. 


Segway is a company that makes prime-rated scooters, mopeds, and hoverboards. Their Nine Bot S boards have a competitive edge in the global market because they can cover distances up to 22 kilometers after one full charge. 

Moreover, their boards can reach a speed of 16 km/h while still providing a good balance for the user.


Tomoloo company is one of the first manufacturers of electric hoverboards in China. The company focuses on producing boards with unique designs, giving them the edge over other leading companies.  

The company also boasts the exclusive right to introduce the self-balancing feature found in many hoverboards today. 


These companies are the best globally because they invest resources to research what can make their products better. From self-balancing features to long battery life, you are assured that the hoverboards made by these companies will serve you for a long and are safe to use.

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