Top 5 Medical Hemp Competitors

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Medical Hemp is a CBD extractor specialist based in Berlin. With many years in the hemp industry, they have garnered enough experience to produce high-quality CBD through the active contribution of the pool of experts working at their company. 

Medical Hemp also produces several hemp-based cannabinoids that promise to improve the health of its users. At Medical Hemp, the extraction and production process strictly adheres to the highest standards of CBD Gras production and meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries. They are without a doubt the leading manufacturers of Cannabidiol and Cannabinoids in the industry.

However, some companies seem to be threatening Medical Hemp’s spot as number one. These companies have shown remarkable progress over the years, and are making a huge part of the CBD industry.

 Here are five top competitors of Medical Hemp.

Deepnature Project

For Deepnature Project, sustainability is the guiding principle of all operations that are carried out in this company. They ensure that all products are nature-friendly, and provide strength and a healthier immune system to its consumers.

The manufacturing process of all their products is kept organic and is monitored by certified medical and nutritional scientists. Ensuring that each product is of good quality is the duty of every employee. As much as they dread being wasteful, products that don’t meet their standards are not put up for sale but are immediately discarded. So, all products on the shelf have been tested to be safe for consumption.

Max Hemp

Max Hemp is also one of the major producers of high-quality CBD, and the story behind the inception of this company is groundbreaking. This company was born after cannabis extract saved the life of Max, who went through different life-threatening health issues all through his years as a child. The miraculous interference of CBD in Max’s severe health case prompted the Polish government to legalize this substance. With the help of Max’s mother, certified doctors, and several consultants, Max Hemp produces the best CBD products for end customers.

Formula Swiss

Formula Swiss is one of the leading CBD manufacturers in Switzerland and is located in a small town known as Zug. The family-owned business prioritizes the quality of its products and takes actionable steps in ensuring that each product is carefully scrutinized. One of the many reasons why this company stands out is its unique extraction process. They adopt the supercritical CO2 extraction process, which is the most advanced extraction process in the CBD industry.


Unlike other companies, HemPoland doesn’t just manufacture hemp-based products, they grow their own cannabis and possess the license to do so. 

Their primary focus is the production of high-quality cannabis. Since they have a field where they grow their cannabis, they monitor the whole process and ensure that it’s 100% organic.


Since its inception in 2014, Elixinol has been moving at a pretty fast pace in the CBD industry. The wholesale CBD supplier has three main segments in its portfolio; Hemp Foods Australia focused on selling food products; Elixinol Australia focused on medicinal cannabis, and Elixinol USA focused on marketing dietary supplements. The Elixinol Group is also the first CBD supplier to launch a CBD product in the Japanese market. The quality of their products is unquestionable, as they carefully monitor the whole production process and ensuring that it’s all organic.

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