Home Buying Companies: 5 Competitors That Buy Houses for Cash

Home Buying Companies

Homeowners may need to sell their house for cash for several reasons, such as you may be in urgent need of cash, your property may be in poor condition, or you may simply want to sell faster. If you’re also one of those who want to sell their property for cash quickly, it’s imperative that you find the right one that suits your preferences, needs, and budget.

For example, if you are on the hunt for a cash home buyer in Kansas Сity, you must ensure that they make the entire process a breeze and are professional. Whether you are looking for a cash house buyer to sell your house or simply want to enlighten yourself, keep reading this article for 5 competitors that buy houses for cash!

We Buy Ugly Houses

We Buy Ugly Houses is a part of HomeVestors with extensive experience in the industry and excellent customer service. It is ideal for individuals willing to sell their homes with extreme structural issues, high-crime neighborhoods, bad mortgage financing, etc.

Although you may only receive 50% to 70% of fair market value, it ensures to close the deal within 30 days quickly. It has around 1,100 franchises in 45 states to accommodate its customers.  


Headquartered in San Francisco, Opendoor started operating in 2014 and revolutionized how houses are bought and sold through mobile phones. It makes instant and competitive cash offers with flexible closing timelines.

It charges a service fee of 5% based on the selling price. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that you may have to get some house repairs to be eligible to get your house sold through Opendoor.  


Set up in 2017, Offerpad is another ibuyer (like Opendoor) that offers fast-closing deals with competitive selling prices. It also charges a service fee of 5%, which isn’t too high compared to other ibuyers in the market. What’s even better is that it has a closing timeline of between 7 and 45 days to help you close the deal whenever it’s most convenient for you.

You must remember that Offerpad only accepts properties requiring zero or minimum repairs. A distressed property is totally out of the question.

MarketPro Homebuyers

Established in 2018, MarketPro Homebuyers is ideal for homeowners who are looking to quickly sell their homes for cash. However, you may have to compromise on the money you’ll receive since the buying offer is comparatively lower. Since it only operates in 4 states, it may not be convenient for every seller.

The upside is that they don’t charge any service fee and are ready to purchase all kinds of “ugly” or “distressed” properties.

Express Homebuyers

Having purchased more than 4,000 homes since 2003, Express Homebuyers is a well-reputed and experienced real estate investor. No matter the kind of home you have, you can easily sell even a distressed or even condemned property through this investor without any worries.

It doesn’t charge service fees and usually offers 50% to 70% of the market value. You aren’t obliged to adhere to the strict offer terms and can expect the closing date to be up to 30 days.

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