Competitors in Bioresonance Equipment Manufacturing

Conventional medical methods are excellent at treating disease symptoms. Unfortunately, such methods aren’t as effective in treating the root cause of an illness.

Bioresonance therapy, on the other hand, does more than detecting an illness.

Bioresonance therapy, commonly known as BRT, identifies the real cause of the disease and provides a treatment plan. Besides, bioresonance can also detect cellular body changes early on, making it an effective disease preventive method.

This technology is based on the belief that body cells emit electromagnetic waves. While healthy cells emit healthy frequencies, diseased cells emit altered electromagnetic frequencies, which can be detected with the help of bioresonance devices.

Thus, Bioresonance equipment is used to successfully analyze a patient’s body waves to detect illnesses or abnormalities. Such devices also alter the electromagnetic waves from diseased cells improving the patient’s overall health.

If you’re thinking of buying a bioresonance machine, below are different manufacturers in the market, so you can make an informed choice.


BICOM is a Germany-based manufacturer of bioresonance devices.

The latest device from this company is the BICOM Optima machine that is more computerized than other earlier models. The high-quality BICOM Optima bioresonance device has a therapy and a filter section that helps separate the harmonious and disharmonious electromagnetic signals from the body.

Recently, BICOM also released the BICOM Optima mobile bioresonance machine, which is meant for therapists on the move. Compared to the Optima 13 kgs, the Mobile device only weighs 7.5 kg making it ideal for therapists who work in multiple clinics.

All the bioresonance machines from BICOM have a one-year warranty. Users also enjoy access to free online tips and 24/7 customer support if they have a problem with the devices.


JiaYi International Trading Co., Ltd (JYTOP) is a Shenzhen-based company that manufactures health and beauty care equipment.

Part of the devices manufactured by this company includes the high-quality quantum magnetic resonance analyzers. All the products from this company undergo 100% QC inspection before they’re released to the market. The devices also have a one-year warranty.

Besides, JYTOP offers reliable after-sale service and technical support to all its customers.

NSystems Healthcare Solutions

NSystems LLC is the manufacturer of MEDICOMAT healthcare devices. The company is famous for its quality products sold at competitive prices.

One of the popular devices that the company manufactures is the MEDICOMAT quantum bioresonance system designed to provide testing, analysis, and treatment of diseases. The machine offers a painless and safe way to scan and detect illnesses in the human body.

And just in case you need help with your MEDICOMAT bioresonance device, you can always contact the experienced team at NSystems Healthcare Solutions for support.


Sensitiv Imago provides bioresonance equipment meant to examine and heal the human body. The award-winning Sensitiv Imago bioresonance machines can scan the human body with 96% accuracy.

Further, Sensitiv Imago bioresonance machines can detect toxic products in the body. The devices also provide the best holistic treatment plans and create personalized nutritional plans for patients.

The latest Sensitiv Imago 530CE model is multifunctional, meaning it can be used for both alternative medicine and scientific research. The device can also be used to examine both children and adults, as it’s non-invasive and painless.

In closing,  bioresonance is a holistic medical method that is used to diagnose and treat various illnesses. Hopefully, if you’re considering buying a bioresonance machine for your clinic or home use, now you know where to look.

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