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Top 3 Zipcar Competitors & Alternatives In 2021

Zipcar is car-sharing network that provides on-demand access to cars by the hour or the day in cities and campuses around the globe.

Zipcar is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Zipcar has a revenue of $278.9M, and 553 employees. Zipcar has raised a total of $201.3M in funding. Zipcar has acquired 2 companies, with the most recent being Buffalo CarShare for an undisclosed amount on Sep 2015. As of August 2019, Zipcar has 309.2K fans on Facebook and 41.7K followers on Twitter.

Zipcar’s Competitors, Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding and Acquisitions

Zipcar top competitors include: Getaround, Car2go, Enterprise, Hubber, Curb, Lyft, 99 Taxis, Uber, FlightCar and GoGet.

Together they raised more than 31.9 billion out of an estimated 34.4 thousand employees. Zipcar’s revenue is ranked third among the top 10 competitors. The top 10 competitors average 1.7B. Zipcar has 553 employees and is ranked 4th among the top 10 competitors. The top 10 competitors average 3174.

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  • Social Media Links: LinkedIn Twitter Facebook
  • Founded: 2000
  • Est. Annual Revenue: $278.9M
  • Est. Employees: 553
  • Headquarters: 35 Thomson Place Boston, Massachusetts 02210


Getaround was one of Zipcar’s main competitors. Getaround is a privately held company founded in 2009 in San Francisco, California. Getaround operates in the internet software industry. Compared to Zipcar, Getaround employs 103 fewer people.

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Car2go is considered one of Zipcar’s biggest competitors. Car2go is a product / brand / service company that was founded in Austin, Texas in 2008. Like Zipcar, Car2go also competes in the road transport sector. Car2go has 453 fewer employees versus Zipcar.


Enterprise is perceived as one of Zipcar’s biggest competitors. The company was founded in 2005 in New York, New York. The company operates in the field of Internet software. Compared to Zipcar, Enterprise gets $ 274.4 million less in revenue.

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