GUIDE on Survey to Get Free 2-Piece Chicken, Biscuit with a large drink

To take part in this survey a purchase from any subway outlet is necessary. Upon purchase, a receipt is required to enter the survey and answer all the questions. The certificate is only valid two days after the purchase, after which it can no longer be used to access the survey. Upon completion, you will get a validation code which can be redeemed at any Popeyes outlet for free 2-piece chicken, a biscuit, and a large drink.

Participation is only limited to legal residents of the United States of America. The survey is limited to just one entry per person. It conducted wholly online adding its convenience. 

Customer Survey Requirements &  Details.

Purchase Required?Yes
PrizeFree 2-piece chicken and biscuit with a large drink
Entry MethodOnline
Entry Limit1 Code Per Restaurant Visit
LocationThe United States and Canada
Receipt Valid For2 days

Survey Rules


  •  Only one entry per person is allowed
  •  The survey only takes place online
  •  Only persons over the age of 18 are allowed to take part
  •  The survey is only open to those who have completed a purchase at Popeyes
  •  The receipt given can only access the survey 2 days after purchase
  •  The survey is not open to employees of Popeyes
  •  The prize cannot be transferred to cash
  •  Participants have to be legal residents of the United States of America and Canada
  • Participants are required to have a valid Email address and a phone number


  •  All participants are required to have a working knowledge of English or Spanish
  •  All participants should have a smartphone, tablet, or computer capable of accessing the internet
  •  All entrants are required to have a stable, reliable internet connection
  •  All participants should be over the age of 18
  •  All entrants are required to have purchased at any taking part popeyes outlets
  •  All participants should access the survey through
  •  The information entered in the survey should be valid
  •  To access the survey, the receipt used should not be over two days’ old
  •  All participants are required to have a valid email address and phone number

How to Participate in the Survey

Below is a guide on who to participate in the client feedback survey:

1.    Purchase at any of the participating Popeyes outlets.

2.    Ensure that you keep the receipt for making the purchase. This receipt is only valid for use in the survey two days after it is issued.

3.    Using a smartphone or computer visit the website Here you can change the language to one of your choices.

4.    Enter the information on the site, as shown. The information will be available on the receipt issued. You can enter the restaurant’s number, the time and the date you visited the store.

5.    Once you have completed entering the information. Click the next button at the bottom of the screen to continue the survey.

6.    From there give the survey answers to the questions on the service option used, the items you purchased. Once done, click “Next” to continue.

7.    This progresses to the last batch of questions surrounding the customer experience when using Popeyes.

8.    On clicking send, you will be prompted to enter some personal details. This information will be used to alert you on any Popeyes promotional materials and other feedback surveys in the future.

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About Popeyes

Popeyes is currently the second-largest quick-service chicken concept, according to the number of units they moved. Popeye’s successes have largely been from the way they have distinguished themselves from the other fast-food offerings. They have a distinct “New Orleans” style menu of these items, such as spicy chicken, fried shrimp, and red beans and rice.

The distinct nature of their menu allowed them to stand out in a crowded market serving chicken as fast food. Even though the menu is based on a regional diet, it does not come off as off-putting to the uninitiated palate. This is in part because of the extensive amount of reach to make sure that their food is acceptable to their target market. The survey answers are a substantial source for insight regarding any potential changes.

Over the years the company has seen big expansions from its roots in New Orleans in 1972 to over 3100 outlets across the United States and Canada. The company’s success has also been the result of a decades-long endeavor to enhance the dining experience of their customers, as well as welcome employees who share their same mission and dedication.


Popeyes is one of the most successful fast-food franchises with decades under its belt. Since its inception in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana, the fast food and dietary landscape has witnessed several seismic shifts. Despite that, the company has managed to see continuous growth, as evidenced by its wide reach and multinational presence.

Popeyes understands that with the thin margins often associated with the food industry, customer loyalty is their lifeblood. As such, they ensure that their customer’s voices are heard and taken into account when making decisions.

The client feedback survey is just one of the ways they can accomplish this. They get to have firsthand insight into how their customers interact with their products and services. This allows them to plug in any shortcomings, allowing for a more robust customer experience and business.  

For Popeyes to be as successful as they are, they have dedicated a lot of time and resources to ensure that their clients are satisfied with the services and products they are getting. This is despite their offering having been inspired by regional tastes which may not agree with their demographic. Through feedback, they can tailor their product to best suit the needs of their clientele. This has particularly been effective in their international markets, where they are not accustomed to food being served by the company.

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