GUIDE on Survey to Get Free Route 44 Drinks

The surging amount of businesses in today’s market create a considerable number of customers. Consequently, customer satisfaction is one of the most critical aspects that determine the probability of prosperity of the business. For this reason, companies take different approaches to help them better understand their customers.

That is where the client feedback survey comes in. The site offers in-depth survey analysis on a variety of products with a guaranteed chance of winning prices. The prices include a free route 44 drink for those who take part in the survey. Customer Survey Requirements & Details

Purchase Required?No
TypeSonic Survey for customer satisfaction program
PrizeFree route 44 drink
Entry MethodOnline
Entry Limit1 entry for each receipt
LocationThe United States only
Receipt Valid For14 Days From Date Of Purchase
StatusActive Survey Rules


Restrictions to be followed help prevent scenarios where participants take the survey more than once. This is a significant step towards protecting the authenticity of the study. They include:

  • Your procession of the survey receipts strictly validates your participation in the survey.
  • Company employees are not allowed to participate in any way.
  • One can only get a single entry per head to enter the survey to prevent data redundancy, which will render information collected null or irrelevant.
  • Only one gift bundle is allowed per single coupon in your procession.
  • Only those above the legal age are allowed to take part in the survey.


The survey also requires you to satisfy the following conditions before you can be able to participate in the survey. These requirements include;

  • A purchase receipt of the Sonic Drive-in. It should contain a unique survey link invitation to participate in the survey.
  • You should take part in the survey within the stipulated 14 days’ time frame.
  • You must have attained the legal age provided by your respective country’s government. 
  • Posting your answer submission depicts your consent that the proposal is your truth that is done and presented accurately.
  • Where the terms of the agreement from the survey change, you are entitled to receive a message notifying you of these changes and essential amendments.
  • For the above reason, you must have a valid and working email address that can be easily accessed by you so that you can promptly receive notifications concerning the agreement.
  • It would be best to understand the provided types of languages provided by the survey team, most preferably English or Spanish.
  • You must also possess an electronic device with good internet connectivity, which you will use to access the survey site portal.
  • As soon as you have finished taking part in the survey, you are required to redeem your mandatory price of a free 44 drink coupon in 60 days.

How to Participate in Survey

Owning a chain of fast-food restaurants is a fantastic thing until it comes to their management. The only way you can be sure that business is being well conducted is by getting feedback from the consumers. For this reason, the feedback site was created to help get in touch with consumers.

The system is made as easy as possible, from the questions to the user interface design. It guarantees that you will not take more than a solid 10 minutes while answering the questions. Here is a simplified guide with a sequential arrangement of how the events are supposed to occur one after the other.

Step 1

Using your preferred browser, visit this site

The link provided will redirect you to the client feedback survey page.

This is where you will input the purchase ID at the bottom center of your coupon receipt. Then proceed to read the stated terms and conditions and click the start button to continue.

Step 2

In this step on the next page, your honesty is the most paramount virtue for you to practice. Here you will answer the provided questions with at most transparency. The questions are only about the Sonic Drive-in experience, products, and services offered at any of the branches you visited.

Step 3

Then you will receive a prompt notification asking if you would like to receive updates from sonic or not. If you would like to get the updates and information in the newsletter, accept the invite, and if not, decline. It is an optional feature to help keep consumers informed and keep in touch with developments and miscellaneous events. 

Step 4

After you are done answering all the questions and submitted your answer. You will receive a unique coupon validation code that will help you redeem your gift price of a free route 44 drink. Kindly remember to record, write or save this code somewhere as you will need it to redeem your free drink.

When you take your next visit to the Sonic Drive-in outlet, remember to carry your redeeming code. It is the only validation of your participation in the survey. Ensure you inform them of your intention in redeeming your coupon, and you will get your promised free drink.

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About Sonic Drive-In

The company has its headquarters in Oklahoma City and is one of the largest drive-in chains in the United States. The company was founded in 1953 by Troy Smith and has amassed an enormous number of 3,500 chains of drive-ins all over the 46 US National states. It provides services to approximately 3 million-plus customers daily.


Every business’s prosperity depends on the satisfaction of their clients. The Sonic way to get in touch with customers and gauge their service quality is by using survey answers. In case of any query, contact their customer service for more guidelines.

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