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You must have heard about the McDonalds alias MCD Voice survey on how you can offer feedback for various items you purchase. Many big companies understand the importance of giving their customers a chance to review various products and services they purchase.

It allows companies to replace and enhance different services. Through these feedbacks, they can improve their merchandise for business development.

Like other companies out there, McDonald’s recently adopted a Customer Satisfaction Survey Scheme. It gives its customers a platform to voice their ideas and opinions and contact the MCDvoice customer care.

This article gives resourceful information on how to participate in the survey with step-by-step instructions and requirements needed. 

McDonald’s started the feedback program for easy understanding of if the customers are satisfied by their food and services offered. The surveys are conducted either online or offline so that more participants can join in.

During the survey, questions are asked to purchasers that they have to answer according to their service experience. Therefore, McDonald’s management can know its employees’ standards and food service through the client feedback survey.

MCDvoice survey is set so that a customer can participate in up to 5 surveys a month in a single store.

Customers can add an attachment of something they did not like or would want to be improved in the current feedback reply. As mentioned, the survey aims to understand what customers want, so their next visit is made even better. Additionally, it helps to improve the work ethics within the chain store.

The survey does not take much time; it’s organized to last for just a few minutes. The questions presented also do not cause any problems to the customers, and in just an instant, customers can answer the questions.

If you wish to participate, you will need to have your receipt given from the store. The survey is offered in English and Spanish, so you need to be good at either. Also, note that the receipt is valid for the next 30 days from the purchase date, so you have plenty of allowance time to rethink and participate. 

After completing the survey, participants can win discount coupons, Free McDonald’s meals, and even cashback. However, note that sometimes the customers can get a superb gift or get nothing at all.

At the end of the survey, you get a beta code, which can be used to redeem a special offer. These special offers are only valid for a month, after which they cannot be used later. Customer Survey Requirements &  Details

Purchase Required?Yes
TypeMcDVoice – McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Feedback Program
PrizeFree McDonald’s meals, discount coupons, and cashback
Entry MethodOnline
Entry Limit1 Code Per Restaurant Visit
LocationThe United States only
Receipt Valid For30 Days From Date Of Purchase
StatusAvailable Survey Rules

Like in every survey or game involving masses, for you to provide survey answers, there are some ground rules and regulations. There are also certain restrictions for the survey, out of which you cannot participate in the survey. Take your time and go through them in this piece. 


  • McDonald’s purchasers are allowed to take a maximum of 5 surveys per month per each store.
  • If participating, you have to redeem the voucher code in your receipt at within seven days of enrolling for the survey. Extensions after that are not allowed.
  • All participants must be residents of the USA or Canada
  • You need to be 15 or more years old.
  • When registering, valid receipts from the past week’s visit are used.
  • You must not have worked at McDonald’s before.
  • McDVoice is not answerable for any suspension of your coupon whatsoever.
  • Participants cannot be employees or family members of a McDonald’s employee.

If you meet these restrictions, feel free to participate in the client feedback survey. 


In addition to the restrictions, there are certain requirements needed if you are to take the survey successfully. They are as follows.

  • You need to have a mobile phone or laptop with an internet connection
  • Have a valid receipt from your last McDonald’s visit. The receipt needs to be redeemed for coupons within seven days of your visit.
  • Basic knowledge in Spanish or English
  • Your honesty is needed when answering the questions

How to Participate in Survey

This section lists the series of steps needed to complete a client feedback survey. By following the instructions and answering correctly, you increase your chances of winning at the end of the survey. The steps are as follows:

Step 1

You first visit the official website.

Step 2

You need to insert the 26 digit code printed on the lowermost point in your receipt from the last visit.

Step 3

Fill in the store number and transaction number from the receipt and tap the submit button.

Step 4

After submission, a questionnaire is displayed on that screen. You need to answer the questions honestly.

Step 5

After successful completion of the survey, you will get a validation code on the screen

The coupon needs to be validated within the next 30 days of the survey. After that, it becomes invalid.

Step 6

On your net McDonald’s visit, provide the validation code to your attendant to redeem the lucrative awards and prizes. 

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About McDonald’s Company

McDonald’s was founded in 1940 as an American-based fast-food company. It was initially a restaurant run by Richard and Maurice McDonald in the San Bernardino town of California, USA. The chain was purchased by Ray Kroc in 1955 from the McDonald’s brothers.

If you cannot access the company website at, make sure you have a working internet connection or clear website cookies.

Otherwise, do not hesitate to make a phone call to their toll-free number: 1-800-244-6227. It’s active from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, USA. 


The survey gives an honest and clear opinion to the management regarding the company’s state and its employees. What we loved most about this survey is how easy it is to take the survey, given you meet the requirements.

Questions are simple to answer, and they only require your honest feedback, so there is not much to think about when answering.

By participating in this survey, you serve as a loyal customer to the food chain and want to see it grow bigger and better.

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