Honey Baked Ham Senior Discount Requirements, Details, and Other Ways to Save

honey baked ham senior discount

A post-retirement family holiday dinner featuring sweet, crunchy Honey Baked Ham sounds tempting, doesn’t it? But when you have bills to pay, housing expenses to cover, medicines to buy, a spiral-sliced, smoked meat might be a luxury. 

A senior discount might be your best bet if you want to enjoy Honey Baked’s delicious menu. Read on to know if the Honey Baked Company offers a senior discount and how you can avail yourself of the deal.

Does Honey Baked Ham Have a Senior Discount In 2023?

Unfortunately, Honey Baked Ham doesn’t have a senior discount or senior discount days for 2023. But that doesn’t mean seniors can’t enjoy premium Honey Baked products at discounted prices. 

With options like discounted gift cards, miscuts, and rewards programs, you can save big time at Honey Baked Ham. The best part? There are more cost-saving hacks to help you get the best bargain.  

Keep reading to know the best ways to shop at Honey Baked Ham without breaking the bank.

How Can I Save Money Without Honey Baked Ham Senior Discount?

Despite the absence of a Honey Baked Ham senior discount, here’s how seniors can relish tasty choices on the menu without spending much.  

Buy a Discounted Gift Card

Honey Baked has gift cards on its website that you might want to buy and gift to your beloved senior family members. These gift cards can be redeemed online or at physical stores to save $25 to $100 on your shopping. 

The good news is, there’s a way you can get these gift cards at a much discounted rate than their face value!

Many warehouse clubs sell restaurant and retailer gift cards at much lower prices along with popular merchandise. For instance, you can get two $50 gift cards at $79.99 at a warehouse club. 

So, don’t forget to visit your local stores and try your luck finding Honey Baked gift cards.

Buy a Miscut

Like other retail stores that have marked down prices on damaged items, you can find cheap miscut pieces at Honey Baked. 

But what are miscuts?

Sometimes, the signature spiral sliced hams or other meat types get cut incorrectly. Instead of discarding them, the store officials sell them at a discounted rate. 

It is a good idea to stop by your nearest Honey Back outlet and ask whether they have miscuts. You might have to visit and repeatedly check to get your hands on one of the miscuts. But considering how cheaper they are compared to regular ones, it’s worth the hassle. Join HoneyBaked Rewards Program

Like many other restaurants and retailers, this company also has a loyalty program. 

You can join the rewards program to be eligible to receive an introductory offer, exciting news, rewards, contests, and giveaways throughout the year. 

For instance, some perks include 10% off on your first online shipping order, an exclusive welcome offer at your local Honey Baked store, exclusive sales details, new offers, and much more. 

You can sign up for the rewards program by providing basic information, such as your name, date of birth, and address. If you don’t want spam emails in your inbox, check items you’re interested in hearing about. 

Use Third-Party Delivery Partners 

Using third-party delivery partners like Uber Eats and DoorDash to get your Honey Baked delivered is yet another cost-cutting strategy. For instance, Uber Eats offers “Uber Rewards,” which gives you redeemable reward points every time you order through the service. 

Plus, these platforms regularly offer promo codes and discount vouchers for their loyal customers, which you can use at Honey Baked. 

That said, Honey Baked claims that their walk-in and pick-up prices are lower than delivery prices. So, if you’re an occasional customer at Honey Baked, getting your items delivered might be an expensive option for you. 

Buy a Newspaper

Sunday newspapers have grocery coupon circulars from RedPlum and SmartSource. You might want to keep a tab on your Sunday newspaper to find Honey Baked coupons.

Don’t forget to check out a newspaper the next time you visit a supermarket. 

Watch Your Mailbox

Honey Baked does mail marketing a few times a year — typically around Easter, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

If you live near a Honey Baked store, chances are you’re already on their mailing list. Just check your mailbox regularly, so you can save some money at the store on your next visit. 

Avoid Using Coupon Websites

There are plenty of websites on the internet that offer Honey Baked coupons having whopping discounts. Unfortunately, most of them are bogus websites that charge for fake coupons or are just clickbaits. 

Honey Baked Ham posts its coupons or online coupon codes on their official coupon page. Do keep it on your radar and avoid using external coupon websites. 

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts

Here are some Honey Baked Ham competitors that offer senior discounts. You can try these options if the other methods to get a discount at Honey Baked doesn’t work for you, or if you’re specifically looking for a senior discount.

Applebee’s – 10-15% senior discount (depending on location), may require Golden Apple Card (60+)

A&W – 10% senior discount (varies by location)

Burger King – 10% off + additional discount on coffee and soft drinks (60+)

Captain D’s Seafood – “Happy Wednesday Offer” for $4.99 or less – varies by location (62+)

Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery – Offers a special senior menu & a Senior’s Frequent Diner Card (55+)

Perkins – Fifty-Five Plus menu with special deals (55+)


Honey Baked Ham senior discount is not available for 2023. But, as a senior, you can use other ways to reduce your shopping bills at this food retailer. To shop on a budget at Honey Baked:

  • Look for discounted gift cards and miscuts
  • Join their reward program
  • Leverage third-party delivery partners
  • Keep a check on newspapers and your mailbox
  • Avoid using coupon sites. 

Alternatively, you can shop at Honey Baked Ham competitors to satisfy your cravings for certain foods and beverages.

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