Top 5 Carnation Competitors 2023

Money counters are convenient for a business that heavily relies on cash transactions. They not only make counting a extensive amount of cash easier but also help with detecting counterfeit bills with additional efficient features. If you’ve already incorporated them into your business, you might be quite familiar with the leading brand, Carnation. Carnation is a brand that sells compact, quick, reliable, and accurate money counters mainly on their website The company sells bill counters to its customers in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Mexico, Canada, and many other countries.

Most Carnation machines use the latest innovative technology by integrating UV, magnetic and infrared mechanisms to detect counterfeit notes with 100% accuracy. They also carry testing and approval status by the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England, and more for authenticity.

If you’re interested in exploring the competitors of Carnation, you can check out Carnation’s top five competitors below to explore more options down the line.


Kolibri is a US-based manufacturer that provides its customer services all over the USA as its customer support headquarters is based in California. This brand provides affordable and user-friendly machines to its customers. Most of their machines come with a large, clear LCD screen to help users get on-screen reporting on the spot. Their machines can count, detect and read all kinds of bills. Their efficient technology allows it to be super-fast and efficient to make your business operations smooth for you.


TackLife started with a team of ten people in 2015, and now it operates as a large company with many employees working their best with the R&D team to provide innovative solutions to its users. Their money counter machines use magnetic, infrared, and ultraviolet sensors for accurately detecting false bills. Most of them are built with a large LCD for easy navigation and view. The multiple modes offered by them are count, add, and batch modes to suit the various needs of its customers.

Cassida Corporation

Cassida brand is based in California, USA, and distributes its top-notch quality products through Amazon, OJcommerce, CashCounterMachines, and more. The machines can count bills and sort and count coins to increase the cash flow management efficiency of a business. Its counterfeit detectors feature the best false reject rates industry-wide which mean greater accuracy in detecting fake currency. Along with a one-year warranty and free customer support service, it also takes care of the environment by allowing its customers to return the fully-depreciated machines for recycling at no charge.  

Royal Sovereign International

Royal Sovereign International is headquartered in New Jersey, USA, and sells to its customers in over 100 countries. It has over 120 patents internationally, which sets it apart from the rest of the brands. It offers efficient cash management solutions to its customers with its premium quality coin sorters, bill counters, and counterfeit detectors. They are quick, safe, and reliable to help you with your business needs.

Unlike other brands, Royal Sovereign’s coin sorters are equipped with an anti-jam system that lets you add as many coins as you want in the hopper at once for your convenience.

Ribao Technology   

It is a Chinese-based company that delivers to a few of the top 50 banks around the world as a long-term supplier, besides over 100 countries worldwide. Its trademark is registered internationally and provides excellent quality bill and value counters, bill, and coin sorters, and money detectors with top-notch features. Most of their products like BCS-160 can detect notes by contact image, infrared, magnetic, and UV sensors, and by serial numbers as well with twenty different currencies. It’s important to mention its two pockets that dispense fake bills on the other pocket for undisrupted counting.

It has its branches set up in Europe and America as well to offer after-sales services, and they promise a quick delivery which is within a week. 

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