Competitors Among Australia’s WHS Training Companies

Health and safety risks are higher in some industries like construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and agricultural industries. Therefore, it’s important for employers to properly train their employees before they engage in such workplaces. In Australia, it’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure their workers are in a safe working environment, otherwise, they may have to face negligence lawsuits. That’s why many companies conduct training courses to prevent any injuries, fatalities, or illnesses in the workplace. These training courses are not only limited to WHS training but may also include a traffic control course, emergency response training, and hazardous substances training,  according to the nature of the organization.

With several strict regulations in Australia in terms of workplace health and safety, there are plenty of companies that provide certified training to workers. If you are interested in knowing the top competitors among Australia’s WHS training companies, read below!

PeopleSafe Australia

This registered training company features expert consultants and trainers with industry experience to provide top-notch quality training to workers. It offers a variety of nationally recognized courses and among the WHS training; it provides safety committee, emergency response, and safety induction training.  

This company makes the training interactive and enjoyable by using visual electronic slides. It is also flexible in its training in terms of locations, durations, and urgent requests.

Pinnacle Safety and Training

Pinnacle Safety and Training provides nationally recognized safety-related competencies and expertise to a wide range of industries like mining, energy, construction, and utility sectors.

It tailors its safety solutions according to the needs of every corporation. It has received one of the highest student satisfaction ratings and makes students experts in WHS within a few weeks as compared to other companies.

Workers can enroll in both classroom and online classes for added convenience. The WHS courses include manual handling training, risk assessment training, silica awareness, occupational first aid training, hazardous areas assessment, and more.    


AlertForce offers nationally recognized guidelines during its training sessions and covers a wide range of business sectors. Its online, in-person, and hybrid courses are available in every state of Australia to provide flexibility and convenience to companies.

It delivers an assortment of courses to make corporations compliant with the national legislations of WHS training, such as asbestos awareness, confined spaces, WHS act awareness, working at heights, etc.

HSE Academy

HSE Academy is equipped with specialist trainers who have years of experience working with Australian businesses to facilitate them in complying with the WHS obligations.

It offers WHS training courses to employers and employees to ensure they don’t compromise on the legal obligations of WHS. It tailors its courses according to every different organizations’ needs to prevent any risks at the workplace.

The courses are both in-person and online for added flexibility, and the participants receive a certificate upon the completion of a training course.

Fire & Safety Australia

This registered Australian training company features a variety of WHS courses that are compliant with the Australian federal and state standards. It has plenty of experience in the training division, as it trains more than 40,000 people every year nationwide.

Moreover, all its trainers are ex-fire-fighters or safety professionals who can provide real-time training according to the different scenarios with their experience. Some of its WHS courses are certificate IV in WHS, diploma of WHS, safety for leaders, and WHS risk management.

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