The Main Process Server Competitors to Austin Process LLC.

Choosing the process server is the most crucial part of any legal proceedings. It can either strengthen your back or leave you stressing about each document delivery. Surely, nobody wants to deal with the latter when stuck in hot lawsuits.

The purpose of hiring a process server is to ease the communication between the applicant and defendant in a case. Process server companies deliver legal documents to and from the people involved. It may also trace individuals, conduct background checks, and supervise as per your instructions.

Fortunately, if you reside in the USA, you can rely on premium and highly-professional services like Austin Process LLC. They deliver in all 50-states and provide notarial services too.

But, while they are the best process server in Texas, they’re not the only ones. There are other great service companies to try too.

Here are the main process server competitors to Austin Process LLC:

Professional Civil Process

The Professional Civil Process (also called PCP) is a reputable process server company that operates in Texas only. Its founder and president, Rick Keeney, has been active in the industry for the past 35-years.

Based on his experience, the Professional Civil Process identifies the provision of quality services at an affordable price as a challenge for people. And so, the company strives to offer its large clientele an outstanding performance regardless of the rates.

You can always expect professional service in a timely and ethical manner. They also offer mobile notary services, e-filing, court filing, document prep and retrieval, skip tracing, and legal research services.

USA Process

The USA Process server keeps the complete procedure quite simple and effective. Once you acquire the documents, mail them to their address. They’ll receive and send out payment details.

After payment, the USA Process team makes several attempts as allowed in Texas law and verifies the address.  If the intended individual doesn’t receive it, they fill out an affidavit, finalize the service, and send an email to you. In Texas courts, they also file the affidavit electronically for you.

Please note, the USA Process only conducts process server services. It does not offer assistance with other legal procedures, such as tracing and research.

Houston Process Servers

If you’re browsing for a professional process server for Houston specifically, then the Houston Process Servers is an idealistic choice!

Houston Process Servers are a group of experts that offer legal paperwork services in the greater areas of Houston and Harris County Jail. Be it individuals or firms – they serve papers to everyone.

The family-owned team has a piece of deep knowledge about these places and conducts the service process smoothly. You can expect them to cater to your needs quickly and professionally. They also offer custom legal help in all matters.

Houston City Servers

The Houston City Servers conduct paper delivery services in the entire United States. However, their focus lies in Houston and Harris County.

Using their service, you can get legal documents transported to any American resident or corporate easily. The legal papers may include notices, citations, summons, subpoenas, demand letters, etc.

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