Top 3 Allbirds Competitors & Alternatives & similar companies In 2023

Allbirds is a direct consumer of clothing and fashion company that designs, manufactures and sells woolen shoes.

Allbirds’ headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Joey Zwinger is co-director of Allbirds. The last round of funding Allbirds was a series E for $100 million in September 2020. The main competitors of Allbirds are Rothy’s, Neemans and Nike. As of August 2019, Allbirds has 176.9K fans on Facebook and 7.3K followers on Twitter.

Allbirds’s Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding, Acquisitions & News

Together they raised more than 1.1B between their estimated 83.3K employees. Allbirds’ revenue ranks 8th among its top 10 competitors. The top ten competitors are on average 3B. Allbirds has 500 employees and ranks 5th among the top 10 competitors. The average number of 10 best competitors is 6,176.

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  • Social Media Links: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
  • Founded: 2015
  • Est. Annual Revenue: $50M
  • Est. Employees: 500
  • Headquarters: 730 Montgomery Street San Francisco, California 94111

Allbirds similar companies

Reebok, The Root Collective, Greats, Adidas, Rothy’s, Clarks Shoes and Atoms


Rothy’s is Allbirds’ main competitor. Rothy’s was founded in 2012 and its headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Rothy’s works in the clothing and footwear industry. Rothy’s revenue is $ 90 million more than Allbirds.


Nimans is considered one of the main competitors of Allbirds. The headquarters of Nimans is located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, and was founded in 2017. Neemans works in the field of clothing and shoes. Neemans brings 2.00% of income to Allberds.


Nike was one of the main competitors of Allbirds. Nike is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, and was founded in 1964. Nike competes in the clothing and footwear industry. Nike generates 75 802% of Allbirds’ revenue.

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