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About Us

What’s up, I’m Darrell. I’m a designer living in San Francisco, CA. Besides my passion for design and acupuncture, I also love analyzing data and writing. My experience with various businesses has contributed to my success as an entrepreneur. And I believe that the key things for any entrepreneur are to keep going forward no matter how successful or unsuccessful you think you are, to study examples of prosperous businesses, and to believe in your own strengths and abilities. Since I’ve always been curious, over time, I realized that finding information and helping others get useful information is something I enjoy doing. Owning a small business got me into the world of business competition, and now one of my spheres of interest is exploring competition in various niches of the business world.

Outside of business, my other interests range from sports to new technologies. I am passionate about snowboarding, baseball, cricket, cooking, and video games.
If you want to know more about various types of business, new and famous companies, and their competitors, visit my website, I am sure you will discover plenty of valuable and interesting information.